The demand for grinding machines in China picked u

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The demand for grinding machines in China picked up in the third quarter

from July to September 2009, there were about 56 bidding projects in China's grinding machine international bidding market, involving a total amount of nearly $75million, an increase of nearly $20million over the previous quarter; The number of winning bids for grinding machines is nearly 90, which has not changed roughly compared with the second quarter. However, compared with the same period in 2008, the number of bid winners increased, but the amount decreased. Among them, the demand for roller grinder and internal and external grinder is relatively strong, with the bid winning amount of more than US $25million and US $10million respectively

quarterly fluctuation

according to the statistics of China International Tendering "analysis report on International Tendering of grinding machine equipment in China", from January to September 2009, the market demand for International Tendering of grinding machines in China was in a fluctuating situation, of which the largest number of tenders was created in July, with more than 45 sets. However, compared with 2008, the bid winning amount has been in a downward trend, but the trend of emerging new fire-retardant materials in August and September tells us, In the fourth quarter, the indicators of how the electronic tensile machine of the grinder measures will be greatly improved

regional analysis

judging from the regional distribution of grinder equipment bidding projects from July to September 2009, Hebei presents a situation of "outshining others". The number of bid winners in the province is less than 10, but the amount of a twists and turns into a 90 movement has reached more than $12million. Guangdong Province ranks second. The bid winning amount of equipment with more than 11million can still not be underestimated, and it has won the first place in terms of quantity, reaching 28 sets. Followed by Anhui, with a bid winning amount of more than 9.5 million US dollars, ranking third

analysis of equipment types

among the grinder equipment awarded in July to September, roll grinder and internal and external cylindrical grinder are the main ones, which is significantly different from that of the previous quarter. 1. Hydraulic series: manual hydraulic universal material testing machine. The total bid winning amount of the two types of equipment is nearly half of the total amount, more than 35million US dollars, including 25million US dollars for roll grinder and 11million US dollars for internal and external grinder. During this period, the equipment with a bid winning amount of more than US $2million also included precision grinding machines, centerless grinding machines, gear grinding machines, knife edge grinding machines, and seat surface grinding machines

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