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Yingweiteng large-scale Tengzhi micro module data center stationed in Nanjing foreign language school

recently, yingweiteng once again sent good news in the field of power supply in the education industry. The large-scale Tengzhi micro module data center successfully settled in Fangshan Branch of Nanjing foreign language school, fully escorting the vigorous development of the motherland's education

the design of the data center computer room of this project focuses on a high starting point, high standard, high level, and sufficient expansion space. According to the functional characteristics, room use, management mode, equipment use environment and other factors and the owner's needs, and according to the construction concept of modern green data center, it adopts the green and energy-saving Tengzhi (it120c) series micro module scheme design of NVIDIA, and the annual average pue is controlled within 1.4. The Tengzhi data center solution includes micro module ups rm240/40x, inter column air conditioning, closed cold channel, dynamic ring monitoring system, column head cabinet and precision power distribution cabinet

NVIDIA's large-scale Tengzhi micro module data center products have excellent performance such as reliability, availability, intelligence, energy conservation, etc., which fully meet the construction and application needs of the data room, and bring excellent application value to customers in practice, effectively ensure the smooth operation of the room, promote the significant improvement of customers' comprehensive management level, and lay a solid foundation fixed on the pull rod for its efficient work. The modular data center system solution provided by NVIDIA power has the advantages of on-demand configuration, flexible capacity expansion, rapid deployment, efficient refrigeration and short construction cycle

NVIDIA has been devoting itself to scientific research and innovation. Based on the real needs of users, it has created high-level technical solutions from the perspective of power security in the education industry. Relying on the industry-leading technical advantages and product strength, Winton micro module data center has been recognized by many authoritative institutions, and has successfully won awards such as Shenzhen famous brand, data center product innovation award, excellent data center solution supplier award, 2017 data center energy conservation and emission reduction excellent service provider, and has served Nantong helmet impact resistance experimental machine operation steps University, Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications, Nanjing Normal University Many educational institutions, such as Suzhou Xinghai school, Tianjin No. 100 middle school, National University of defense technology, Wuhan University, Guangdong Ocean University, Shandong University of Finance and economics, Zhangjiajie No. 1 middle school, Changzhou No. 3 middle school, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Guizhou University, Guizhou Sinan middle school, have built a good user reputation and strong brand influence. This successful cooperation with Nanjing foreign language school Fangshan Branch once again confirms the leading advantage of yingweiteng power in the field of education

Fangshan Branch of Nanjing foreign language school is a non-profit, full-time, boarding private school approved by Nanjing Municipal Bureau of education and Jiangning District Bureau of education, and organized by Nanjing Jiangning District high tech Industrial Park Management Committee and Nanjing foreign language school in collaboration with the introduction of social capital. Nanwai Fangshan Branch follows the educational concept of nanwai to cultivate modern people with the mind of the Chinese soul world, takes the education and teaching mode of nanwai as the core, takes serving children, people and places as its own responsibility, and takes bilingual and science and technology as its characteristics, adheres to the integrated development path of internationalization, informatization and phenomenalization after humanistic unloading, and strives to build an advanced, green, democratic A harmonious forest school will cultivate future oriented international elite reserve talents with forward-looking and innovative consciousness

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