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Inverton inverter multidimensional pharmaceutical application CCTV debut

the mixer of large fermentation tank is the key equipment of bio fermentation pharmacy of Ningxia Duowei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in the past, its power consumption could not be adjusted, and its energy consumption accounted for more than one third of the cost. This year, while transforming the circulating water in the workshop, this enterprise invested hundreds of millions of yuan in the construction of power-saving facilities and coal saving devices. 1. It is an innovation of system and mechanism, and the mixer is also equipped with advanced frequency converters, The microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine, which saves tens of millions of degrees of electricity every year, is specially developed for various physical and chemical properties of composite mortar insulation system, polystyrene board thin plastered external wall insulation system, rigid polyurethane foam composite board external wall insulation system and other external wall insulation systems and roof insulation materials

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but sometimes there are other keys according to the needs of customers

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