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Yingweiteng UPS escorts the Hainan Armed Police Frontier Corps

spring blooms, everything recovers, and yingweiteng power wins good news again: it has successfully won the bid for the UPS uninterruptible power supply equipment project of Hainan Armed Police Frontier Corps, adding bricks and tiles to border security

the Armed Police Frontier Corps of Hainan Province is located on the 1730 km coastline of Hainan Special Economic Zone. Its construction and development have always been in resonance with the pace of Hainan International Tourism Island. It shoulders the important tasks of cracking down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities, maintaining the stability of entry-exit ports, maintaining the social security stability of coastal defense areas and the maritime security management of the 2.1 million square kilometers south China Sea, and is dealing with emergencies, flood fighting and emergency rescue Boao security and other major work braved difficulties and took the lead, played an important role, and made outstanding contributions to the social and economic development of Hainan International Tourism Island and the construction of the security barrier in southern China

it is reported that yingweiteng's machine serving the Hainan Provincial Armed Police Frontier Corps this time is the star product RM600 series of yingweiteng power supply. RM600 series UPS power supply has the following performance characteristics: enrich the module product line 25kva/30kv, which does not conform to unfair phenomena such as no damage and no connector falling off; Obvious a; The system host is equipped with 10.4 inch color large touch LCD display; The reliable power device adopts integrated package IGBT module; High input power factor; Hot plug to make it coincide with the main pin static bypass monitoring module; Intelligent battery management scheme; N+x honor modular design; Ultra wide voltage input range; Parallel shared battery pack; Maintain zero threshold; By setting the self-service aging mode, you can carry out the full load test of the system, which saves you the trouble of renting super large load boxes and load box engineering construction, and easily realizes the characteristics of green load test and rapid engineering acceptance

this successful bid for the Hainan Provincial Armed Police Frontier Corps is the successful proof of the high reliability and high performance of yingweiteng UPS products, and also fully proves the full affirmation of the market for yingweiteng power! Yingweiteng power is proud to serve the border corps of Hainan armed police. In the future, yingweiteng power will continue to maintain the innovation and flexibility of products, improve technical support and service support, and provide users with more perfect solutions

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