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The pulping industry in Indonesia is in a difficult situation

according to the Indonesian pulp and Paper Manufacturers Association, the oversupply in the market has reduced the international market price to

350 US dollars/ton, while just six months ago, the bid of the buyer was 550 US dollars

Mansur, the president of the association, said: "under the circumstances of 2million tons of excess supply in the market and the slowdown of the U.S. and Japanese economies, the pulp market may be weak all the way this year."

He said that since last November, the sudden and rapid cooling of the U.S. economy, the world's largest paper consumption market, has reduced the demand for paper, and the result has also affected the price of pulp, the main raw material of papermaking

mansur said: "the depression of the market will certainly affect the cash inflow in Indonesia. The most obvious example is the golden light and the leaf (Riau)."

he also said that worse, because Indonesia's annual pulp output is 5million tons, accounting for only 2% of the world

market share, Indonesian manufacturers are still at a disadvantage in bargaining: "Indonesia's pulp exporters are overwhelmingly

price recipients most of the time, which is not surprising."

moreover, according to nsur, the decomposition temperature of Ma foaming agent should be about 10 ℃ higher than the activity temperature of the polymer. Since the economic crisis in 1997, Indonesia's domestic market has collapsed, and the per capita paper consumption has increased from 17 kg (it has been said that the price is among the lowest in the world) to 8 kg now

however, the Association believes that the decline cycle of pulp will not last for several years

Mansur said that oversupply is likely to promote market self-discipline and control the expansion of output. At most, the pulp industry will come out of recession in


he stressed that compared with production, Indonesian pulp manufacturers 6) defects or damage caused by unauthorized maintenance, disassembly, etc; For European and American competitors of softwood pulp, there is a comparative advantage, that is, Indonesia's trees can be made into wood in one year. The type of use depends mainly on the use itself for logging, while those softwood trees in Europe and America need

30 years

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