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With the advent of the era of the information explosion, various industries are increasingly dependent on data centers. Building a green data center has become a general trend in the development of the whole industry. Recently, yingweiteng power supply company, the world's leading supplier of power solutions, joined hands with Hebei Xunjie computer room to create a high-end, reliable, green and energy-saving Data Center for users

it is reported that the customer, as an IT company in the industry with technological innovation as its benchmark, has put forward very strict requirements for the reliability and practicality of the data center! After fierce evaluation and competition, with rich experience in project implementation, thorough on-site survey, complete project planning, implementation and installation solutions, and the company's highly competitive products, NVIDIA power company finally won the customers' approval with absolute advantages

it is understood that yingweiteng power supply company brings users an overall solution for the computer room based on the company's latest power product RM600 Series modular UPS power supply, including distribution cabinets, batteries, server racks, precision air conditioners and other products. However, it must be mentioned that this power supply product is the most legendary UPS power supply in the industry, which integrates super power, intelligence, high density and modularization. The maximum capacity of the product is 600KVA, and the power factor is as high as 0.9. The most advanced 32-bit DSP controller is used, which greatly improves the reliability of the product! At the same time, the system host is equipped with the largest 10.4-inch color large touch screen in the industry, and the power module has added an LCD display. Users can monitor the power module information in real time, bringing unparalleled value-added feelings to users! It is worth mentioning that since the installation site, customers have been full of praise for the company's products. From the cost saving process of sheet metal, the operation interface, the product structure, and even the bronze medal, they have been highly recognized by customers

the implementation of this project has once again verified the strong strength of NVIDIA in the field of data center infrastructure and overall solutions, and established the unshakable title of RM600 modular UPS power product legend product! It is also another typical implementation case of NVIDIA's overall plan in the data center in key industries

NVIDIA power static testing machine mainly includes: as the world's leading supplier of electrolytic solutions and the leader of modular UPS power supply, the company's comprehensive strength has been renowned at home and abroad. The company's insight into the power market segment and the forward-looking grasp of demand have enabled NVIDIA power to always maintain the innovation and flexibility of its products; Advanced integrated product development and management, comprehensive product R & D and testing, and automated and information-based production ensure the high reliability and high performance of NVIDIA products; Branches all over the world provide users with professional guarantee of solutions, technical training and service support

inverton gives all the staff of TBEA Co., Ltd. a strong desire to survive and develop. The company provides key infrastructure products of data center, including UPS power supply, battery, battery cabinet, precision air conditioning, precision intelligent distribution cabinet, etc., and provides 365*24-hour uninterrupted green, energy-saving, safe and reliable power support for your cloud data center! The company will always adhere to the responsibility of technological innovation and leading the development of science and technology in the era of power supply, and make unremitting efforts to create more reliable, efficient and energy-saving products! (Wen/Shang Yating)

about inverton:

inverton, founded in 2002, is committed to becoming a world leading and respected provider of products and services in the field of industrial automation and energy and power. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange A-share in 2010, with the stock code of 002334. Yingweiteng is a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan. In the past two years, it currently has 13 holding subsidiaries, which are located in the top ten R & D centers in the country, and has more than 500 patents. Its main products include high, medium and low voltage frequency converters, elevator intelligent integrated machines, servo systems, PLC, HMI, motors and motorized spindles, SVG, UPS, photovoltaic inverters, etc. Yingweiteng has more than 2000 employees, 4 large-scale production bases, and marketing networks in more than 60 countries and regions at home and abroad

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