The hottest yingweiteng power supply was purchased

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Yingweiteng power has obtained the government procurement and supply qualification of Guangxi Province, Nanchang City and Beijing City

in July, there were good news at the market front. Yingweiteng power stood out in the government procurement agreement of Guangxi Province, Nanchang City and Beijing City, and successfully obtained the supply qualification. It proves once again the strong competitive strength of NVIDIA power in the industry

as we all know, government procurement has attracted many well-known manufacturers in the industry to participate in bidding because of its wide range and large purchase amount. With its strong R & D capabilities, product quality and service level, inveterate power products have defeated others, successfully won the recognition of government agencies, and won the supply qualification of providing them with guaranteed power products with high reliability and stability

as a domestic supplier of high-end power solutions, NVIDIA power is professionally committed to providing environmental protection, energy conservation, safety and stability for all users. For the future development of the experimental machine, it is an uninterruptible power supply that can effectively improve the product process quality. The reason why NVIDIA power can stand out among many powerful competitors is attributed to the following three key factors. First of all, NVIDIA UPS has a complete product line, excellent quality and complete service system; Secondly, NVIDIA UPS has ultra-high reliability and cost performance. Pay attention to turning off the main motor source, from low-power ht11 series and ht31 series to large-scale ht33 series. The difference is that different industries require different experimental accessories RM series for the detection of different materials, which shows this characteristic without exception. Thirdly, the people of NVIDIA power always adhere to the principle of customer first, think about what customers want, be anxious about what customers are anxious about, and try their best to meet customer needs, bringing customers unprecedented application experience of this kind of experimental machine, which is the "ancestor" of the experimental machine family. Since its inception, inverton power has adhered to the enterprise values of striving for innovation, pursuing excellence and sincere unity, and has continued to innovate and develop. It has successively launched RM Series modular ups and HT series high-intelligent tower UPS products with leading technology and excellent performance, which have won unanimous good reviews from users and achieved great success

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