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Waste paper prices in the United States: SOP prices fell, OCC rose, ONP 8 China

the price of waste paper in the United States basically did not change much in February, with the exception of Grade 8 of deinked old newspapers (ONP)

classified office waste paper (SOP) - the price fell for the first time in 14 months, and the price of some pulp substitutes increased slightly

used carton (OCC) - it is the most widely used variety in domestic paper mills in the United States. The FOB price of the seller's Wharf is $53, the same as that in January. Due to the supply problem of wood chips, the export price of OCC in New York was $40 higher than the domestic price, with a rise of $5 per ton in Atlanta. Suppliers expect that OCC will be more active in the traditional carton shipping season in March and April

old newspaper grade 8 (ONP) - how big is the automotive carbon fiber composite market after 10 years? Nsolidated closed its paper mill in Texas in December. The shutdown and production reduction of North American paper mills continued to shrink the paper output. Cui Lixin said that large American newspapers increased the supply of deinked old newspaper grade 8 in December, but there was little domestic demand for this, putting pressure on domestic prices, The Chinese market has better demand for ONP level 8

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