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Tianjin has at least 100000 tons of waste plastic packaging waste every year. According to a national supermarket energy-saving report, supermarkets across the country send nearly 10 billion plastic bags free of charge to customers every day, while countless quantities are used in vegetable markets, department stores, stalls and so on. Most of these non degradable plastic bags flow to the society, causing harm to the ecological environment and human health. This morning, Zhu Tan, a well-known national environmental protection expert, said in an interview that the use of plastic packaging bags may seem trivial, but it is a major issue related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, and should be controlled

according to the calculation of relevant departments, a large-scale comprehensive supermarket with a business area of about 8000 square meters, through the combination with other cutting-edge research units, the annual cost of plastic packaging bags is as high as 400000 yuan, accounting for 0.5% of the store sales. According to the average daily sales and passenger flow of the city, based on the consumption of 100 yuan per customer and carrying 3 to 4 bags, the average daily consumption of more than 60 large and medium-sized supermarkets and more than 500 small supermarkets in Tianjin is about more than 2 million. At present, the annual contact person of waste plastics in Tianjin: yaoshengxian, manager, is at least 100000 tons of packaging waste

no shoppers with their own cloth bags or paper bags were found during an interview in Carrefour, China Resources and other supermarkets yesterday. Even if all the purchased goods are packed in small packages, 3 Fixture structure fixture itself has no fixed structure (for example, the metal wire can be clamped by winding, or two flat plates can be clamped into a bag. The supermarket waiter should also classify and evenly coat each glass fiber with plastic materials for packaging, resulting in doubling the amount of packaging bag. One waiter said that now the competition is so fierce, we will try to meet the requirements of customers. While many customers believe that it is natural for shopping to ask for packaging bags, and there is no need to spend money anyway.

Environmental protection experts pointed out that plastic bags will cause a lot of resource consumption and environmental pollution in the process of production, use and treatment. It takes more than 200 years for each bag to decompose naturally, which will pollute the surrounding land and water quality. The plastic packaging bags consumed throughout the country every year consume more than 10million barrels of crude oil in their production, and the power consumed in processing is even more amazing. (Mao Guoqiang, Zhang Miaomiao)

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