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Waste plastic recycling program helps economic transformation and upgrading

it is reported that the implementation plan of important resource recycling project (technology promotion and equipment industrialization) issued by the state will focus on the research, development and promotion of some technical equipment. Waste plastic recycling is a typical circular economy industry. At present, the amount of plastic waste in China is increasing year by year. The release of this plan will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of circular economy related industries

at present, China's resource recycling industry is still in the early stage of development, with small-scale enterprises, decentralized operations, low overall industrialization level, and a small number of leading backbone enterprises. In particular, the lack of technology research and development, promotion and equipment industrialization has become an important factor restricting the standardized and large-scale development of resource recycling industry

therefore, the plan puts forward the goal of clarifying that different kinds of additives need to be added to plastics in the processing process to meet the processing and utilization needs: by 2017, the industrialization level of resource utilization technologies and complete sets of equipment such as waste plastics, waste rubber, waste electrical and electronic products will be significantly improved, and a complete set with independent intellectual property rights will be formed. 7. The compression curve of each test block will be reflected in the table 20 technologies and equipment for force value and automatically converted MPa value; Research and develop 60-70 technologies and equipment with independent intellectual property rights in the fields of associated mineral resources, tailings, fly ash, coal gangue, industrial by-product gypsum, construction waste, etc., and promote 50-60 advanced applicable technologies and equipment. The plan also focuses on the list of key technologies and equipment research and development in these fields, as well as the list of advanced technologies and equipment promotion

China phosphate and compound fertilizer industry association said that at present, China's resource and environmental carrying capacity has reached the upper limit, and it is imperative to put forward a comprehensive utilization plan. In recent years, the comprehensive utilization of industrial by-product gypsum, especially phosphogypsum, has developed rapidly. However, due to the low added value of products after comprehensive utilization, there are many problems in promotion, and efforts need to be made in policy and technology

the relevant person in charge of the waste rubber comprehensive utilization branch of China Rubber Industry Association believes that the new equipment developed in China is constantly being introduced to the market and has begun to promote the transformation and upgrading of the whole waste rubber utilization industry. The further promotion and application of technology and equipment in the plan will bring revolutionary changes to the resource utilization of waste rubber

China Plastics Processing Industry Association pointed out that the plan provides a series of safeguard measures for important resource recycling projects. For example, to guide the investment of funds, the local and central governments will support the projects that need financial support; Encourage and guide private capital to invest in the field of resource recycling industry; The products and technologies of resource recycling will be included in the catalogue of circular economy technologies, processes and equipment encouraged by the state, etc. These measures will greatly promote the industrialization and promotion of selected technologies and enhance the progress of transformation and upgrading of related industries

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