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Waste plastic recycling goes astray and becomes the ultimate killer of the environment

the word "recycling" seems to be naturally linked to "environmental protection", but some "waste plastic recycling" has brought new environmental problems. Originally, in order to save energy and avoid the impact of waste plastic products that cannot be returned to nature, all regions have actively carried out waste plastic recycling and processing operations, and waste plastic factories have sprung up frequently. However, this kind of environmental protection advocacy of recycling waste plastics has made some waste plastic processing plants take advantage of loopholes. In order to maximize profits and save costs, the production process is not qualified, and the production process has caused new trauma to the environment. What is more heinous is that the secondary plastic products they produce will cause serious harm to the human body

check the frequent crimes of waste plastic processing plants

Plastic processing plants are processing recycled plastics

the processing process is shocking

CCTV two sets of economic half-hour program once reported that many lunch box enterprises in Huaining County Industrial Park use recycled household plastics, such as magnetic tape boxes, CD boxes, and other large-scale production of disposable foam lunch boxes that have long been banned by the state, Some black heart manufacturers buy black waste plastics to produce disposable lunch boxes. The price of a ton of waste plastics is only about 5000 yuan. In order to "bleach" the black waste plastics, blackheart manufacturers often use industrial grade talc powder

two large infant hospitals in Hubei were found to use unlicensed milk bottles produced by small workshops to feed infants. The number of these milk bottles that have not been disinfected has reached 340000. The wall of the milk bottle is light and thin, which may be made of waste plastic; The milky white body of the bottle may be related to the "replacement of low-density polyethylene with industrial grade calcium carbonate and talc powder", which is seriously harmful to human health. What is more annoying is that the manufacturer of black heart has extended the devil's grasp of interests to infants

on July 27, Cixi Tianyuan Town organized urban construction, industry and commerce, environmental protection, soil management, electric power and other departments to jointly carry out a centralized rectification action for the waste plastic recycling industry. After this rectification action, it was found that the waste plastic industry generally has backward technology and serious pollution, and in the process of operation of the industry, there are a wide range of unlicensed and unlicensed businesses, a large number of cultivated land is occupied indiscriminately, there are great potential safety hazards, and the living environment is dirty, messy, poor and many other problems are becoming increasingly prominent, It has seriously disturbed the normal production and living order of the surrounding people

why waste plastic processing plants take a different path

"profit" is at the forefront

at present, China mainly has many small-scale informal plastic processing plants that disrupt the market. These are called "small plastic" processing plants. Due to the trend of interests, they often invest tens of thousands of yuan of equipment on a household basis to sort, clean, crush, melt and granulate waste plastic bags, barrels, bottles, etc., with less investment, quick effect, simple equipment, simple operation The site requirements are low. An ordinary machine can process 1.5 tons of plastic every day. If each machine is equipped with 5 labors, it will have considerable benefits

such small workshops exist widely in rural areas. Villagers crush and granulate waste plastics and then process them into plastic products. The technical equipment is backward, and there is no environmental treatment facilities. The processing place is outside their own yard. Due to the need for heating and processing, the factory is filled with thick smoke and pungent smell, and the waste water and odor produced seriously pollute the surrounding environment

In recent years, local governments have also frequently taken illegal actions to ban small unqualified waste plastic manufacturers. However, with the overwhelming waste plastic rectification work, the effect is not very significant, but there is a momentum of "one foot higher than the devil". This may be a severe test for our government. We always adopt the model of remedial measures after the event. 1) misunderstanding 1: the progressiveness of the technology represented by the flat jaw. We all have a clear conscience that some inorganic colorants contain toxic heavy metals! With the joint efforts of all Jinan gold testers, there is no strict mechanism to prohibit the occurrence in advance. Although it is difficult to make trouble for the people, the government should show an iron faced and selfless style. First of all, there should be a strict audit mechanism for the establishment of the plastic processing plant, and its production should always be regularly inspected, and violators should be severely punished. The important thing is strength. The effectiveness of these measures is still in the word "strength"

poor awareness of the people

due to the low processing cost of these unqualified black plastic workshops, the finished products on the market are also relatively low, which also opens up sales for them. Consumers' lack of awareness of safety and environmental protection naturally favor these cheap goods, while innocent consumers do not know that they silently fulfill the black heart plan of some waste plastic workshops, which has brought endless future troubles to themselves. Therefore, it is imperative to vigorously implement the system of qualified production of waste plastics and comprehensively popularize people's awareness of environmental protection and safety

Of course, at this stage, China's waste plastic recycling enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. Technically, they are still mainly physical recycling. The processes are mainly collection, classification and separation, cleaning, drying, crushing or granulation, and then processed into products suitable for market demand after modification or mixed with new materials. From this, it can be seen that waste plastic recycling and reuse is a more complex technical treatment process. However, with the development of this technology and the demand of environmental safety, China's waste plastic recycled products must develop from low quality and high energy consumption to high quality, low energy consumption, multi variety and high technology. The renovation of waste plastics is not only an important part of the project to eliminate backward production capacity and change the mode of investment in the production of 10000 tons of carbon graphite cathode materials for economic development, but also an internal requirement to change environmental quality and protect people's health

it is gratifying that local governments are vigorously carrying out special rectification. At the recent exchange meeting on the rectification of the waste plastic recycling industry held by Cixi municipal government, some plans were put forward: we should establish a number of rectification models and ban heavily polluting operators first; We should further strengthen publicity, create a public opinion atmosphere in the city where everyone cares about and participates in the renovation of waste plastics, and speed up the renovation of waste plastics; We should explore and establish a long-term mechanism for waste plastic remediation, formulate a work plan, and put an end to the rebound phenomenon. Public security, environmental protection, industry and Commerce and other departments should, according to their respective responsibilities, cooperate and cooperate with each other in joint law enforcement, so as to form a strong joint force to ensure the smooth progress of the centralized rectification work

and more and more manufacturers are improving their competitiveness and viability in the market through technological innovation, product and industrial structure adjustment; China's waste plastic recycling, trading and processing markets are also constantly standardized

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