The hottest waste plastic can be used as oil, and

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Waste plastics can be used to turn white oil pollution into treasure

plastic wastes in life are not only difficult to treat, but also easy to pollute the environment, so their treatment has always been the concern of all sectors of society. Myebox is the focus of many innovative uses. It is reported that a new process technology that can reduce waste plastic products into petroleum products through catalytic cracking - thermal decomposition method, fishery and aquatic products plastic products, etc.) has been developed recently. The invention of this technology turns "white pollution" into treasure, which greatly saves production resources

this technology was developed by Kunming xiangyude industry and Trade Co., Ltd. According to reports, there are mainly two methods to deal with waste plastics, namely, industrial recycling and treating waste plastics as waste as urban waste: landfill method, incineration method and recycling. The former mainly deals with the waste generated in industrial production, and most of the products of several material suppliers are treated as raw materials for recycling, while the landfill method and incineration method in the latter are very easy to cause secondary pollution. The main raw material of plastic production is petroleum, and the catalytic cracking of waste plastics can be reduced to petroleum products by thermal decomposition method. The components of these products are mixed oils containing gasoline, kerosene and diesel oil, which can be fractionated and cooled to obtain a variety of single products with better quality. Therefore, using this method to treat plastic waste is more beneficial than incineration or direct recycling, and the recycling rate is high. More importantly, its carbon fiber composite also has a series of good properties, such as strong designability, good safety of parts, and the integration of parts and components, which will not produce secondary pollution

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