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Waste plastics can be converted into diesel oil, pollution-free plastics reverse batch production

let you deal with a ton of waste plastics, what would you do? If you take it, the market space for direct development is as high as trillion; Secondly, burning will inevitably produce harmful exhaust gas; If you take it to landfill, it will not degrade in the soil for a hundred years. However, if it comes to the hands of South China renewable resources company, it can be transformed into diesel, clean combustible gas and clean coal with low sulfur and high calorific value, and the whole process basically achieves zero pollution

recently, the plastic reverse engineering technology of South China Renewable Resources Corporation has made breakthrough progress, which has attracted the high attention of many well-known domestic experts and is unanimously recognized as a major technological breakthrough in China's energy sector. At present, the project plans to be mass produced and listed, which has attracted much attention from the society

the reverse utilization rate of waste plastics has reached 60%

"garbage besieged city" has now become the biggest problem perplexing many cities in China. In this context, in recent years, many enterprises have tried to treat garbage with reverse engineering to turn waste into treasure. However, the effect is not significant because it is easy to produce secondary pollution in the implementation process

recently, Shaxi's South China Renewable Resources (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. made a breakthrough in the plastic waste reversal project. The project completes the whole plastic reversal project under the conditions of cleaner production, and produces three important energy sources that can be stored: standard national III diesel, clean combustible gas and clean coal with low sulfur and high calorific value, with high reuse rate. And the whole process can eliminate secondary pollution

South China Renewable Resources (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong World (Group) Co., Ltd. the company was incorporated on June 17, 2004 and officially put into operation on January 27, 2007. The total investment of the first phase is $15million and the registered capital is $10million

I watched the whole refining process in the factory of the company: non degradable foamed plastic lunch boxes, plastic bags, plastic films and other waste plastics, which are automatically pushed into the thermal cracking furnace without cleaning and sorting, and then added with gasifier and cracking removal catalyst. Waste plastics are thermally and catalytically cracked in a high-temperature reactor, and then processed by a series of facilities to produce a mixture of gasoline and gasoline. The whole process needs 32 hours and more than 30 processes

in the process of recycling fuel from waste plastics, toxic gases and three waste substances are not produced. The residual solids are treated to become regenerated coal, without secondary pollution. At the same time, it greatly improves the recycling rate of the traditional plastic plate made of inorganic fiber core and high gas resistance composite film through vacuum packaging technology

"a ton of waste plastic can remove water and refine 30% of oil products. The other solid waste can be made into recycled coal, with an overall utilization rate of 60%. The whole engineering facilities are developed by ourselves, including 6 invention patents and 14 utility model patents, which are the first in China." Liguosheng, general manager of South China company, said that the quality of the regenerated diesel oil of the company has reached the national standard III vehicle diesel oil standard after being tested by the inspection agency

it can not only solve the problem of "garbage besieging the city" and turn waste into treasure, but also generate several important energy sources. Among them, it can fully ensure the geometric accuracy of the whole machine and strictly eliminate secondary pollution. The technological breakthrough made by South China renewable resources company was at the "academic exchange Seminar on converting waste plastics into usable energy" hosted by China Technology Market Association and organized by China Science and Technology Co creation (Beijing) science and technology promotion center on May 12, It has been fully affirmed by many national experts

Shaxi vigorously promotes the clean energy industry

in fact, the achievements of South China renewable resources company in the circular economy are only a microcosm of Shaxi's efforts to promote industrial transformation and upgrading with project investment in recent years

according to statistics, in 2011, Shaxi achieved a total of 20 investment projects throughout the year, including the projects of the top 500 provincial modern industries, municipal key projects, 328 investment projects, central enterprise cooperation projects, private enterprise investment projects, and the cooperation between Shaxi Town Enterprises and the world's top 500 and large foreign-funded enterprises, with a total planned investment of 14.3 billion yuan, involving emerging industries such as wind power generation and energy, Effectively promote the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading in Shaxi Town

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