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Gensys Contact Center Modernization solution


nowadays, customers everywhere change their interactive behavior and contact points. The modernization of contact center is the general trend in today's business world

to strive for seamless and cost-effective modernization of the organization of its call and contact center, there are five areas to consider:

1 End of life ACD replacement

when the life of the automatic call distributor (ACD) system ends, the equipment maintenance cost and risk begin to increase steadily. Required upgrades and equipment aging failures or downtime make technology updates an integral part of customer service

2. Customer experience innovation

innovating the customer experience while utilizing improved business processes is the best solution for the modernization of the contact center. It delivers the best customer experience at the lowest operating cost. Abandon the isolated silo system of the organization, break through the technical limitations of traditional infrastructure, and enable you to provide a consistent customer experience at each touchpoint and all channels of the customer experience journey. Let enterprises maintain a strong competitive advantage in the market

m to sip infrastructure renovation

because it is mainly based on hardware, the operation cost is high and difficult to implement, TDM (time division multiplexing) system is facing an uncertain future. The traditional PBX infrastructure is limited to the functions of ACD and lacks scalability. PBX has interoperability or upgradeability problems, forcing enterprises to find more flexible and dynamic solutions. However, Russia is still the largest importer of extruders in China. Adopting SIP as an open standard can accelerate the development to an IP based contact center. By supporting sip, powerful and flexible ACD replacement, organizations are free to adopt agile architecture and management models while accepting new applications and services. IP Softswitch and the evolution from ACD to SIP as the software application layer are catalysts in this development process

4. Operational efficiency benefits

how to ensure that the company has fully and effectively trained contact center staff to handle a wide range of customer interactions is extremely challenging. Now 72 metal faced rock wool and mineral wool sandwich panels, you can ensure that each customer can contact the most suitable seats. More and more companies are virtualizing contact centers to take full advantage of the most important assets of the enterprise

genesys, through the virtualization contact center with high scalability and flexibility, should first consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is all necessary for the vertical customer experience. With the help of Genesys, it is easy to create a powerful, virtualized customer engagement environment and route any customer interaction between departments, teams and locations. Strengthen the management of employees throughout the company through continuous labor optimization programs, efficiently allocate work, and often replace samples

5. Multi channel interactive management

multi channel touchpoints greatly increase the complexity of the end-to-end customer experience journey. The Genesys customer experience platform is unique in that it ensures a consistent cross channel customer experience at every digital touchpoint and channel. The platform retains the context and historical records of interaction, making the conversation between customers in channel transition smooth. Genesys supports multiple digital channels, including Internet (e-mail, forms, chat rooms, webrtc, social media) and mobile (sms/mms messaging, self-service and Applications), providing a consistent customer experience regardless of the channel

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