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Genesys was rated as the infrastructure leader of the contact center

g2 crown's "infrastructure report of the contact center in the spring of 2019" shows that Genesys purecloud, pureengagetm and pureconnecttm platforms can provide excellent infrastructure for contact centers of all sizes, so they have been unanimously recognized by G based on the actual situation 2crowd review

according to g2crowd's comments, Genesys peers also affirmed this

pure connec's most frequently used force measuring sensor is the strain gauge sensor T, which provides enterprises with the tools they need to easily operate the contact center. Genesys' customization function, high redundancy and the efforts of the development team have jointly created this powerful platform. Pureconnect can be extended at any time according to the needs of the enterprise, whether it is small to medium-sized, or the entire enterprise

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can produce high carbon with carbon 8 and above α Olefins (pureconnect platform)

genesys pureengage applications and products are like a Swiss Army knife. It can do anything to provide contact center solutions. In particular, GMS products can achieve almost any integration you can think of

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(pureengage platform)

purecloud is a cloud system that provides powerful communication and collaboration tools for enterprises and institutions. It can also be highly integrated with salesforce and help users clearly understand all interactions with customers. In addition, purecloud has some particularly advanced functions, which we hope we can use in the future

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(purecloud platform)

the evaluation results reveal that

g2 crowd has studied different software solutions for contact centers of all sizes from different perspectives such as customer evaluation, overall product satisfaction and market performance. Welcome to download the report to learn more about the following details:

how the actual user experience of different contact center solution providers

key criteria to guide the enterprise decision-making process

whether each supplier can fully meet the business needs of the customer's contact center

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