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Genesys sip/ip can realize flexible migration without complete replacement

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the powerful functions and simplicity of the SIP open standard mean that the contact center can begin to enjoy many benefits brought by the open IP solution without completely replacing the current infrastructure, but gradually migrate at a pace suitable for its unique requirements. SIP enabled I performs metallographic analysis on steel used in steel structures. The P contact center solution makes IP conversion feasible by integrating the existing PBX infrastructure of the contact center. In this way, organizations can successfully introduce novel contact center functions by separating ACD from PBX and replacing it with SIP enabled solutions. For contact centers that do not need advanced enterprises (such as private voice mail), you can choose to use software-based switches to replace the entire hardware switches, so as to obtain call control, routing and management functions. At this time, the contact center can greatly save the cost of purchasing and maintaining hardware by discarding proprietary hardware and simplifying environmental management

since the customer service software and proprietary communication equipment are independent of each other, the contact center can cancel the ACD based on hardware together to further reduce the cost

genesys sip/ip can realize flexible migration

as shown in the figure, Genesys solution supports TDM, IP or mixed ip/tdm environment, so it can flexibly migrate from TDM to IP. The contact center that has invested in PBX can still make full use of the existing PBX infrastructure. At the same time, the implementation base can be divided into cylinder mounted and cylinder mounted experimental machines and open standard IP components. In all cases, Genesys solution can realize a single centralized virtual contact center environment, improve the utilization of all traffic agents and other resources, and optimize relevant management

after replacing ACD with better routing to transfer the company's internal voice traffic to IP, a leading financial services company is replacing the old ACD with sip/ip technology. In addition to eliminating its dependence on proprietary hardware, the company needs to implement routing based on Intelligent skills at the traffic agent level - the old ACD uses a complex multi group scheme, rather than routing based on the traffic agent skill level

by using SIP enabled IP solutions to achieve a pure software approach, the company can meet all the goals of completely replacing old ACD hardware. Today, the company can intelligently transfer incoming calls to the most appropriate traffic agent by relying on the SIP enabled centralized software solution without using the hardware that needs to be maintained in multiple locations across the country

therefore, after adopting sip/ip, the clamping force of the contact center will be reduced, and the following schemes can be flexibly selected:

retain the existing PBX at the current site, and expand the new branch office with the help of sip/ip

keep the existing PBX at the current site, and deploy the remote traffic agent for SOHO (work at home) with the help of sip/ip

keep the existing PBX at the current site, and add a new traffic agent at the same site using sip/ip

keep the existing PBX at the current site, and use sip/ip to gradually convert some traffic agents at the same site. Redeploy the latest idle PBX ports for other employees in the organization

redeploy the PBX for internal use while transforming the contact center into a sip/ip environment

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