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New nostalgia is integrated into the reflection of European senior intellectuals on history, and is respected and appreciated by elegant people in upper class society. In addition to new nostalgia, classicism, which originated from Europe, also evolved into two branches: Court retro and American rural

court retro pays attention to the complete copy of the past silk pattern. However, this strict antique is regarded as a manifestation of cultural exhaustion in Europe today. Pure antique has been out of date, or has never been popular

the essence of American countryside is the popular product of the replication of British and French rural life and the rustic cowboy spirit of the United States when European immigrants came to America in the 18th century

it is not a simple stacking of antiquities, but more emphasis on the systematicness of the overall environment: wardrobe, wallboard, top line, floor or door panel, all elements have unified styles and different styles

only by systematically designing the decoration, furniture and late accessories, it is possible to create a real new nostalgic style





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