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For example, how to make the function and beauty of a 90 square meter house decoration is a problem that many Wuhan decoration owners will encounter. So how can small and medium-sized houses not feel too depressed after decoration and design? Today, the chief designer of Wuhan Aohua decoration company showed you the latest modern simple style decoration case of aerospace Xinglong international. Without much nonsense, there is a picture and a truth immediately

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Wuhan Aohua decoration designer said that the living room with maple colored decorative panels as the keynote shows a simple and casual spatial character. The azure carpet adds warmth to this simple home

through the pure impression of white, choose warm wood, use the geometric language of jumping rules to create lively and warm functional lines in a simple space, and incorporate the moving line of light into the planning. Each window is a scene of life. In this simplicity, it is probably the most sincere freedom

the floor tiles on the ground adopt vitrified bricks to create a transparent and clean atmosphere. With simple and layered ceiling, the space is higher

the green pillows and white rocking chairs on the sofa make the space more distinct

large area lighting creates a rich and charming sense of light, and the ceiling of the restaurant emits blue light, which is more eye-catching

the bedroom is not decorated too much, but the irregular panels on the decorative cabinet and the artistic chandeliers are all bright spots

the design of the study is also a minimalist design. The owner can pour a cup of coffee, turn over magazines and spend an afternoon leisurely

it is reported that the industry signed a half contract with Wuhan Aohua decoration, and the owner is very satisfied with the modern style home decoration designed by the designer. He also said that this exploration of decoration style is like a diversified way of thinking, adding more quiet and comfortable feelings to the originally simple house. Looking at these comfortable and natural modern simple style decoration renderings above, are you moved? Do you also want to choose a cost-effective Wuhan decoration company through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network like this owner? The simplest way is to go to Wuhan home decoration network [decoration bidding]

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