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The houses of young people who just got married are mostly small houses. How to skillfully create the maximum use function in the limited space has always been the design concept pursued by people. The design of the model room of the Bay View Huating of the new world garden invested by Hong Kong businessmen was also completed by Hong Kong. Because the housing area in Hong Kong is relatively small, it is a great feature in the design concept of Hong Kong to be good at using space skillfully, which can be used for reference by small apartment owners. The three model rooms carefully selected by the editor in the new world garden are not too small, but they embody many tricks of ingenious space saving

trick One Bedroom corner make-up table

now some room types are not designed as square as before, and irregular corners will appear in the room. This part of the irregular space is very headache: placing furniture is always inappropriate, laissez faire and a waste of space. When many people deal with this irregular space during decoration, they often end up in a wardrobe

in this model room, the designer also encountered the same problem. Because there are windows at the corner, it can't be sealed with a wardrobe. It is necessary to ensure the lighting and maximize the use of space. A dressing table was cleverly built in this irregular place. In the simple and elegant bedroom with black and white as the main color, coupled with this ingenious dresser, it shows the owner's personality style even more. Moreover, the dressing table is built near the window. In addition to being beautiful, it is also very practical to dress up in a well lit environment

trick two study desks built against the wall

study is a place to reflect the cultural taste of the host. But for some small houses, the study is often combined with the bedroom, and the space is limited, it is difficult to reflect the concept of cultural design. However, the study also has the method of killing two birds with one stone that takes into account both modeling and space saving. When the study is decorated with wood, a desk is made according to the potential. The wall decoration is connected with the desk, which saves more space on the basis of beautification design

in this style with wood feeling as the main line of decoration, the extensive use of wood creates a warm atmosphere, and the ingenious combination of desk and wall decoration further reflects this charm. The two-layer partition on the wall above the desk can not only place various decorative items, but also books and other items. Besides being beautiful, it makes clever use of space

trick three: the background wall of the living room is equipped with cabinets + partitions = personalized, practical and beautiful

for ordinary people, the background wall of the living room plays only a decorative role. So many people will take great pains for the design of the background wall in the process of decoration. But how to make the background wall with too much emphasis on decoration practical? Try hitting several cabinets and partitions on the background wall. The additional decoration on these walls not only beautifies the living room and elevates the taste of the owner, but also places various items in the cabinets and partitions to play a practical storage role and make clever use of the existing space. In the three model rooms of the new world garden, two of them have adopted similar designs. It can be seen that in the Hong Kong style design, the concept of "every inch of land and every inch of money" has gone deep into the details

trick four dining rooms connected to the living room sofa

in the model room, we see a long sofa of an apartment type running through the dining room and the living room. Although there are many apartment types connected with the living room, there are few designs that connect the two in series. The sofa in the dining room is connected to the dining table, and two chairs on the opposite side of the table just form a complete dining area. Although the application possibility of this unrestrained design concept is not high, this concept of wonderful use of space can provide us with more inspiration




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