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Stepping into the garden, or the regular or confused ground "pattern", can always surprise us

step into the garden, or the regular or confused ground “ Pattern ”, It can always surprise us. These ground landscapes made of different materials depict different courtyard atmospheres, but what kind of courtyard is suitable for you? We might as well learn about the performance, effect and price of materials first, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort

1 brick material - the most economical choice

advantages: cheap and easy to construct

disadvantages: limited style, suitable for rural style

budget: 20-150 yuan/square meter

the varieties of bricks include red bricks, sintered bricks and cement bricks. Red bricks are brittle, so they are not widely used, but in some idyllic gardens, or with a small budget, they will be a better choice at a good price. Others paved the floor with perforated red bricks, which also had a very good effect. Cement bricks are the most widely used, some of which are permeable bricks, which do not accumulate water after rain. It has good environmental protection. Cement bricks are very durable and low in price, about tens of dollars per square meter. Purple clay bricks and sintered bricks are the best but also the most expensive, about 100-300 yuan per square meter. In addition, in some semi outdoor environments, you can also choose some ceramic fired floor tiles. These floor tiles have various appearances, such as primitive style, wood effect, pebble texture, and so on, and they are only 20 or 30 yuan per square meter, but you should pay attention to the selection of products with good surface anti-skid effect

laying bricks can also solve many landscape design problems and make the yard more beautiful and practical

in a dry and cool place, you can lay bricks or place seats in the open space where vegetation is not easy to grow under the tree, but when laying bricks, you should pay attention not to hurt the roots of the tree, otherwise it will affect the growth of the tree

the path often taken is simply paved with bricks for the place where the road is excavated

places without bright spots give a little innovation to the large area of grassland, pave a path with bricks, and set up fountains, benches, outdoor tables and chairs, statues, etc. next to them, which can increase the focus of the landscape

the floor under the bench is consolidated with bricks in the seating area, which can prevent the danger caused by soil moisture

in neglected places, lay some useless corners with bricks, set up small landscapes or place seats, and reuse the wasted side yards or corners

2 wood - the mildest texture

advantages: mild and natural texture

disadvantages: no stone durability

budget: 70-800 yuan/square meter

wood is very friendly, whether it is a modern style courtyard or a classical, idyllic garden, or even on the terrace. At present, there are many kinds of outdoor floors. If your garden is in the north where the climate is dry, you can choose Scotch pine, Korean pine and other materials to lay directly, and the surface is protected by tung oil or wax oil. You can also buy Nordic antiseptic wood from building materials supermarket. It is recommended to brush antiseptic wood oil on the surface and change the color, so as to cover the original green, and the effect will be better. Otherwise, the green antiseptic wood will become light gray after a long time of wind and sun, and lose the texture of wood, but it has a simple and natural charm after weathering, which is also very popular abroad. There are also several natural preservative woods, such as red cedar and Balau wood. However, because pine belongs to cork, the surface is not compressed and scratched. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to use Balau wood. Although the price is high, about 680 yuan per square meter, this hardwood in Southeast Asia has a very good surface texture. The material of Balau wood is hard, so the construction is slightly difficult. Professional manufacturers should be selected for cutting and installation

try different effects

one line

the paving effect is atmospheric and relaxed, and the smooth sense of lines can also play a role of visual extension, making the small garden or terrace look more spacious. I-shaped pavement has high requirements for plates, and it is best to choose high-quality Balau wood

Tian Zi type

Tian Zi type gives people a sense of beauty full of changes, and at the same time, it can give people a thick, dense foot feel. You can choose to pave the board with a length of about 1 meter, or you can buy outdoor boards that can be spliced in the building materials market and assemble them yourself


this laying method is unique and requires suitable terrain. This shape consumes a lot of wood, and it is difficult to lay, so it takes more man hours, so we should make a sufficient budget in advance

arc type

the lines of the arc reflect the unique rhythmic beauty and modeling beauty, which can increase the movement of the courtyard space. However, it should be noted that this kind of pavement method has large losses and the cost will increase accordingly

3 stone - the most durable performance

advantages: good durability, diverse materials, strong selectivity

disadvantages: the price is expensive

budget: 20-1000 yuan/square meter

among many natural stones, granite is used most, because it has many color choices and high hardness, so it is a very ideal choice to decorate the ground and wall. Among stone materials, marble materials are relatively brittle, so it is generally not necessary to pave the ground. Shale is a relatively cheap choice in stone materials. There are rich colors to choose from, such as green, black, gray, red, yellow, etc. warm colors are more expensive than cold colors in price. In addition, sandstone is commonly used. Sandstone is not granite. It has many colors, soft texture and good touch, so it is favored by more and more people. You can also use sandstone to make broken pieces and other effects according to your own needs. The price is about 20-300 yuan/square meter

fresh assembling effect of stone

stone and gravel

assembling gravel and stone together can bring unique visual effects. Gravel replaces cement to add seams and increase the sense of liveliness

stone and grass

planting grass between stones or paving stones on the lawn can weaken the feeling of hard and cold stones, and the soft combination of stone and lawn can increase the courtyard interest

stone and wood

use different ground paving materials to divide the functional areas, which not only adds a sense of hierarchy to the courtyard, but also improves comfort. Paving wooden floors with warm feet in the rest area and paving stones with high durability in the atrium or outdoor kitchen can reduce the trouble of daily care





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