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Technology has helped Beijing Olympic Games break records in a row.

on August 24, 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games will be cherished forever as a memory from this day on. As the largest human event in history, more than 10000 athletes from 204 countries and regions all over the world have performed one touching story after another of sports and friendship for us in these 16 days, and the sports records of human history have been refreshed and rewritten again and again

in this Beijing Olympic Games, a total of 24 people and 8 teams broke 38 world records 46 times. We are not only amazed at the brilliant moment when Phelps Hao broke the world record of eight golds and seven golds in swimming, bolt broke the world record of three sprints, Isinbayeva broke the record of pole vault for the 24th time, but also proud of this Olympic Games' record breaking in excellent organizational work! This successful Olympic feast is inseparable from our respectable athletes, coaches, volunteers and organization staff; We can't do without the help of science and technology, which makes us extremely proud. It is the support of science and technology that makes the concept of "Green Olympics, high-tech Olympics and people's Olympics" well embodied

doping test:

the doping test of the Olympic Games broke many records in the history of the Olympic Games, setting a number of firsts: the number of tests was the first, 5000 doping tests; The most cases were detected before the competition, reaching 2652 cases; The testing scope is the widest, and the top five athletes in individual events plus two randomly selected athletes should be tested; For the first time, athletes are required to report their whereabouts during the Olympic Games

before the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, IOC President Rogge once calculated according to the pure mathematical method. Since about 2500 cases were tested positive in Sydney Olympic Games, and 26 cases were tested positive in 3600 cases in Athens Olympic Games, there should be no less than 4500 cases tested in Beijing Olympic Games, and the positive number should be 30 to 40. But so far, only 6 positive test results have been found, which is much less than 12 cases in Sydney Olympic Games and 26 cases in Athens

the following phenomena can help judge whether sintering has occurred: in order to make the Beijing Olympic Games a clean games, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games has increased its investment in Anti Doping. Zhao Jian, deputy director of the national Anti Doping center, said, "the China doping center has invested about 10million US dollars in the testing equipment for the Beijing Olympic Games instruments that will be accepted in the second half of the year. This does not include the existing instruments and equipment in our center, but the updated equipment only accounts for 2/3 of the total equipment." The Olympic Organizing Committee has fully realized that the introduction of advanced testing equipment is an important means to improve the monitoring results in the preparatory stage of the Olympic Games

Thermo Fisher Scientific Technology, as the world's largest testing equipment provider, was selected to provide the national Anti Doping center with several sets of the world's most advanced high-resolution double focusing magnetic gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (hr-gc/ms), high-resolution isotope mass spectrometry and high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (lc/ms-ms) for doping detection and final result confirmation. It has an unparalleled advantage in this regard. It is with the support of these high-tech instruments that we can better ensure the high efficiency and accuracy of doping detection during the Beijing Olympic Games

IOC President Rogge believes that the reduction of doping scandals is mainly due to the great deterrent effect of strict inspections and strict punishment measures

food safety testing:

in order to ensure the safety of drinking water and food during the Olympic Games, the organizing committee has arranged dynamic monitoring in the official Olympic reception hotel and venue sites. The joint inspection of the external security of Olympic food safety has a record breaking total thermal viscosity of 80000 people, monitoring nearly 5000 train times of Olympic food raw materials, 1.6 million pieces of Olympic table food, and there is no food safety accident

Liu Zhi, spokesman for the Beijing Olympic Games and the municipal government, said at the press conference: "during the Olympic Games, we achieved no major food poisoning, no drinking water pollution, and no infectious disease epidemic in the city. These conditions have reached zero targets." Behind these zero records is also a strong technological guarantee

in order to quickly deal with emergencies, the Beijing food safety office has enabled self supplied power, gas, water, etc., and is equipped with cutting-edge analysis equipment such as gas quality, liquid quality, pathogenic bacteria identification system; And the mobile laboratory with the function of fixed laboratory will carry out accurate detection of chemical and biological pollution of Olympic food on site, and conduct rapid monitoring of radioactive substances. During the Olympic Games, the Olympic food provided by the athletes' villages and competition venues will be quickly tested on the spot

in order to ensure the technical prevention and control of Olympic food safety emergencies, the Beijing Olympic Games has equipped portable rapid detection boxes for more than 20 kinds of poisons and more than 40 other harmful substances that may be deliberately put into food, so as to improve the ability of on-site poison screening and disposal; The Olympic food emergency response poison database has been established, which contains the chemical molecular formulas of various biological, chemical and radioactive substances, cases of events, poisoning symptoms, treatment drugs and other technical data, and can analyze and identify unknown poisons in man-made malicious pollution events

in order to ensure the food safety of Olympic athletes, in addition to the health and safety of food in the traditional sense, it is more important to prevent athletes from being judged to use food-borne stimulants because of eating additives in food materials by mistake. Thermo Fisher will provide multiple sets of TSQ quantum triple quadrupole mass spectrometry to Tianjin Institute for pesticide control, Tianjin Institute for veterinary drug control and Tianjin Institute of fisheries for the detection of food borne stimulants for the Olympic Games. From February, 2007 to the end of the Beijing Olympic Games, the Beijing food office conducted high-frequency sampling inspection of animal derived foods according to national standards. A total of 2340 samples of animal derived foods were monitored, and the qualification rate of food for the Olympic Games reached 100%. Advanced instruments and high-frequency sampling have effectively avoided the occurrence of food safety accidents

the Beijing Olympic Games has achieved the solemn commitment of "ensuring social security before and during the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games with first-class social security order and strict and meticulous security measures". Behind this is Beijing police's record breaking performance in Olympic security work with the most stringent work standards, the largest number of security objects, the largest number of police input, and the longest security service

according to statistics, in order to achieve zero cases in key areas related to the Olympic Games, the average daily patrol, prevention and control security personnel in cities during the Olympic Games exceeded 1million person times. During the games, a total of 12.9 million person times of security personnel, 393000 vehicles inspected, and 313000 prohibited and restricted items were seized. In accordance with the Olympic Games system and standards, and taking into account the number of people, sensitivity, concerns and other factors, the police implemented the hierarchical management of ABCD and the hierarchical deployment of security forces, ensuring the safe operation of 31 competition venues such as the National Stadium, 45 independent training venues, and 15 non competition venues such as the main center and the media village

in addition to the guarantee of personnel and police force, advanced scientific instruments help the Olympic security work get twice the result with half the effort. The national security administration is equipped with several sets of Thermo Fisher technology transport kit portable Fourier transform infrared spectrometer and the latest Nicolet in10 Fourier transform infrared microscope to perform the detection tasks in explosives, drug detection, trace material evidence and so on. Beijing Public Security Bureau is also equipped with several sets of advanced instruments of Thermo Fisher technology, including Nicolet 6700 Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, almega XR laser Raman spectrometer and transport kit portable Fourier infrared spectrometer

at the same time, the SGS series nuclear radiation monitoring system and egis defender explosive detection system of Thermo Fisher technology have been installed at airports in major cities across the country, making great contributions to monitoring and preventing illegal nuclear weapons, radioactive materials and explosives from entering China through airports and ensuring the safety of the Olympic Games

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