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With leading technology, Chaohui won the utility model patent certificate again

on March 9, 2016, Shanghai Chaohui Pressure Instrument Co., Ltd. received another utility model patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office: flange cylindrical transmitter. So far, Shanghai Chaohui Pressure Instrument Co., Ltd. has a total of 44 patents for independent invention, including 3 national invention patents and 37 utility model patents. The applied and accepted utility model patent 4 has the function of automatically calculating stress, elongation (extension meter is required), tensile strength and elastic modulus. The patent number of this invention is: ZL 2015 2 Because the strain of the elastic element is in direct proportion to the size of the external force P. 3 the invention relates to a pressure transmitter with a flange cylinder, which is applied in the control field of food, medical and other health industries. Product introduction:

pt124b-627. The flange cylinder pressure transmitter is a high-performance transmitter newly designed by our company. The technology adopted by the product is to separate the test device from the process medium with a diaphragm seal, At the same time, the change of pressure is transmitted to the test original. This series of products adopts the cylindrical diaphragm structure design, without protruding angle and embossing, no measurement dead zone, and the diaphragm absolutely has no horizontal contraction. It is mainly used to measure the pressure of liquids with high viscosity, easy crystallization and easy polymerization, corrosive media, petrochemical and alkali making, chemical fiber, dyeing, pharmaceutical, food, cheese and other industrial fluid media


1 Low power consumption, stable zero point, reliable performance and strong anti-interference

2. High definition backlit LCD liquid crystal display, easy to use, simple to operate

3. Large range ratio, suitable for occasions with large flow changes

4. Applicable to corrosion resistance and

1 Completely sealed cylindrical diaphragm, without convex corners and edges

2. It can be directly installed between two flanges

3. A variety of special materials are available

technical specifications:

overall dimension picture

installation instructions

● cylindrical diaphragm seal is especially suitable for pressure media and high viscosity media that can quickly lift the pendulum to a certain height and speed. The sealing port in the pipeline may pass through static pressure media

● the seal body is composed of a barrel, and its diameter matches the sealing surface of the standard flange.

● when the embedded membrane is installed at the working pressure of 7.5 bar, the disc seal is clamped between the two standard process flanges

● when replacing the pressure gauge or pressure sensor, the pressure gauge or pressure sensor of the same model should be used. If the range or output mode is changed, Corresponding supporting components should be replaced to meet the overall requirements of the original system

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