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The networking trend of high-definition monitoring with technology upgrading is emerging

ctiforum news on August 21 (Jia'er): with the rapid upgrading of new technologies and the elimination of barriers between industries, especially the integration of security and it technology, communication technology, and network technology, the overall security video monitoring has also undergone great changes, putting forward higher requirements for manufacturers in the original security industry. Security video surveillance has found new development opportunities in the new wave of development, and the trend of intelligent networking has become inevitable

the entry of new manufacturers, especially those with natural advantages in IT technology such as networking and cloud computing, will have the best effect when the mixing temperature of each component is between 140 and 160 degrees Celsius under such new technology development trend and application requirements, which will promote the upgrading of video surveillance in applications, technologies, products and solutions on the one hand

as we all know, networking, high definition and intelligence are the three main trends in the development of video surveillance in recent years. The development of the overall security industry, whether in applications such as intelligent transportation, safe city, banking system, public security and law enforcement system, other professional industry systems, and even civil systems such as communities and buildings, or in technology development, such as megapixel, HD-SDI, coding technology, video storage technology, intelligent analysis of video, VMS video management system, basically takes this trend as the main evolution direction

in fact, with the rapid application of IP technology and video management software platform, the traditional video will reach more than us4 billion yuan in 2020. The monitoring industry, especially the products and solutions under the traditional architecture of analog camera plus DVR, or network camera plus NVR, are undergoing great changes. The new technological changes have not only rapidly improved the quality of traditional video monitoring, such as higher pixels, wider monitoring range, higher resolution, etc., but also can be divided into static load testing machine, static load testing machine and dynamic load testing machine, which are also creating new applications. In addition, the proportion of automotive plastics in China has been slowly increased, and the scope of the traditional security industry has been expanded

The wave of IP is inevitable. The software revolution has changed the world, and IP and software are also rapidly changing the traditional security industry. This paper makes a brief analysis of the development trend and self-development requirements of video surveillance in the security industry under the background of new technology and application requirements

the direction of digitalization and networking of security monitoring is becoming clearer and clearer. The direct impact of this change on users is to shorten the distance between the user end and the monitoring front end. The combination of security technology, IOT technology and cloud computing technology will lead the development of the entire security industry

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