Don't wash the engine room like this. Be careful t

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Don't wash the engine compartment like this. Be careful to spend tens of thousands of maintenance fees.

many car owners who are used to washing their own cars always ask that the outside of the car is easy to clean, but how to clean the stains in the engine compartment? Where can I wipe with a wet towel or even rinse with water

I'm afraid many car owners don't understand this problem. Today, let's talk about cleaning the engine compartment

1 layout of engine compartment

first, let's briefly understand the layout of engine compartment

generally, the harness interface in the engine compartment is waterproof, including battery, engine, air filter, spark plug and other components. It is not recommended that you use a high-pressure water gun to spray and wash these parts. After all, there are so many gas components and harness interfaces in the engine compartment dbj01 ⑶ 8 ⑵ 002 "technical specification for construction of external wall external insulation polymer cement mortar adhesive". No one will take such risks without knowing the situation

2 can the engine compartment be directly flushed with water

with regard to the issue of "whether the engine compartment can be washed directly with water", the views discussed above can be basically divided into two factions: one believes that it can be washed directly with water, while the other says it cannot be washed

next, let's listen to their respective reasons

1 the school of flushing believes that the engine compartment components are not afraid of water at all

their reason is very simple: because the period of waterproof treatment is about 30 for both electrical equipment and safety relays in the engine compartment. As long as the components in the engine compartment are intact, they are not afraid of water at all. You can directly take a high-pressure water gun or water pipe to wash them, and they are still normal after washing

2 can't flush school

believes that water in the engine compartment is easy to damage electronic components

their reason is that today's cars use electronically controlled fuel injection systems, and all kinds of electronic components installed in the engine compartment are controlled by voltage

if these electronic components come into contact with water, there may be a short circuit, which may damage the engine computer. In addition, washing the engine compartment directly with water is easy to cause water to remain in the engine compartment. Over time, different materials require different fixtures, which will oxidize the electrical interface, resulting in poor contact, or rust of the fastening screws. If these parts need to be repaired, they can be as little as several hundred yuan or as much as tens of thousands of yuan. Therefore, the engine compartment cannot be directly flushed with water

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