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"Black technology" then launched the snake eye detector to help the energy group solve the problem

shorten the maintenance time from 4 days to 1 hour, saving nearly 200000 yuan... Shandong Qingdao energy group Kaiyuan Houhai thermal power company uses the high-tech "snake eye detector" to solve the maintenance problem. A few days ago, in the operation workshop of Qingdao energy group Kaiyuan Houhai thermal power company, the 5# steam feed pump in normal operation suddenly swung. The staff responded quickly and stopped the faulty steam pump. It was found that the valve rod of the pump's speed regulating valve was broken, and the broken part fell inside the steam pump. The position and size of the valve rod could not be seen in the existing technology

if you don't take out the broken rod and continue to run, the broken rod will damage the blades of the air pump and cause equipment damage. Therefore, everyone should go to the factory to see if the machine is really a quality assurance accident when buying; To take out the broken rod, according to the conventional treatment method, it is necessary to break the insulation layer, open the upper cover of the steam pump, then remove the connecting part between the steam turbine and the feed pump, lift the rotor of the steam pump, completely disassemble the steam feed pump, and then take out the fallen valve rod. Since there is no fixed point above the steam pump, the roof of the plant also needs to be removed, and the hoisting of the steam feed pump can be completed by using a crane. It is conservatively estimated that the maintenance will take about 4 days, which will affect the boiler water supply

Gao Yongchao, a specialist in the Electrical Instrument Department of Houhai thermal power company, proposed that the disaster relief equipment "snake eye detector" could be used to assist in maintenance, which had been trained in reserve training

this device can be described as "the right remedy for the current problem". Xu Dong, Secretary of the Party branch of Qingdao energy group Kaiyuan Houhai thermal power company, immediately contacted the equipment department of a reserve force stationed in Qingdao. After the army learned the situation, the commander of the repair battalion Yu sent the equipment as quickly as possible and gave on-site guidance to help solve the problem

the maintenance personnel opened the side cover of the steam turbine and went deep into the snake eye detector from the side cover. Since the equipment was shut down soon, the internal hot gas had not faded, and the probe was quickly covered by the hot gas after going deep. The foggy probe is completely covered by the following standards. Please have a detailed understanding of the internal conditions that cannot be identified. At this time, according to the daily experience of solving the fogging of gas masks, battalion commander Yu asked the maintenance personnel to smear another layer of fertilizer on the probe, which effectively guaranteed the quality of the mobile phone screen soap, and the clear image in the pump was quickly transmitted on the display. The "snake eye detector" is like another pair of "eyes" of the maintenance personnel in the steam pump. Through the "snake eye detector", the maintenance personnel quickly found the valve rod that fell on the edge of the blade inside the steam pump, and sucked out the broken rod with only a magnet. The problems were solved smoothly, and the hidden dangers were eliminated instantly. The whole process took less than 1 hour, saving nearly 200000 yuan in maintenance costs

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