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Technological innovation to seize the international high-end market helped Jushi group "attack cities and occupy land"

"within a month after the end of the annual meeting, the effect began to appear. Many customers have been in further negotiations with us, and various orders have poured in. This is precisely due to our efforts in the research and development of new products." Recently, in an interview with Jushi group, I learned that the E6 glass formula successfully launched by Jushi at the 15th International fiberglass annual conference has attracted the attention of customers at home and abroad

according to Zhang Yuqiang, President of Jushi group, "today's investment is tomorrow's profit. If you save these investments today and turn them into profits, tomorrow will be unprofitable." It is precisely the guidance of this concept that the investment in scientific and technological innovation has become the top priority of the two collet stone groups on the device this year Up to now, enterprises have invested 120million yuan in talent introduction, new product research and development, and new technology promotion

talents are the key to the development of enterprises According to the interview, in terms of introducing professional and technical talents at home and abroad, the Jushi oil delivery valve cannot be tightened too tightly. The group has invested $2million this year, and now there are five foreign experts officially signed with the enterprise At the same time, the Enterprise Technology Center recruits nearly 100 college students, doctors and masters every year

in the glass fiber industry, foreign countries have monopolized the high-end market by improving the advanced technology all the time. Without mastering the core technology, it is difficult for enterprises to enter the market With the support of talents, new product research and development has become an important play of "Jushi" technological innovation As early as 2006, Jushi group started the independent research and development of "E6 high-performance glass fiber". Last year, it established the glass research center, with a total investment of more than 25 million yuan in research and development equipment

in the process of research and development, enterprises have also encountered many setbacks. Due to the mature research and development of glass formula abroad and the application of many patents, there is little room to enter With the joint efforts of R & D staff, we overcame technical setbacks and finally successfully developed "E6 high-performance glass fiber" This kind of glass fiber is far better than the commonly used "E glass fiber" in strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and environmental protection, and has a wider range of applications

guguijiang, director of the chief Engineering Office of Jushi group, told that the success of the research and development of "E6 high-performance glass fiber" is not only a promotion of product function, but also greatly reduces the raw material cost. The production cost alone can save enterprises more than 100 million a year In the financial crisis this year, this new technology has become a powerful weapon for enterprises to enter the high-end market At present, "so this is the most important E6 high-performance glass fiber" has been industrialized, and all products have entered the high-end market

it is understood that Jushi group has launched seven series of new products with dozens of varieties this year alone, and the application fields are more extensive Since the third quarter of this year, the enterprise has achieved a balance between production and marketing, and the production and marketing rate has increased month by month. In September, the production and marketing rate of glass fiber yarn broke through the historical high of 157%

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