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Science and technology lead green tires and achieve continuous win-win cooperation

2012 Asian tire conference is an indispensable strategic industry summit and annual gathering for enterprises. Policymakers and industry experts from 200 tire related enterprises around the world will jointly discuss the latest policies, regulations and standards, cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the tire industry, especially the application and development trend of new steel materials for bridge cables below 10mm Understand and cooperate with vehicle manufacturers to develop new tire products, alternative tires, retreaded tires and other market segments, the market advantages of green tires and the application of TPMS technology, and other topics, presenting you with the new pattern of Asian tire industry. The conference will be held in Pullman Hotel Shanghai on April 18-19, 2012

The great impact of climate change has spread all over the world, and more and more people are aware that how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions has become everyone's society. Automobile exhaust pollution is one of the main sources of carbon emissions, and tire energy consumption can account for 20% - 30% of the total automobile energy consumption. The research, development and application of green and smart tires can significantly reduce carbon emissions. Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, China and other countries have also successively issued or studied tire fuel efficiency labels/low fuel consumption tire standards and TPMS regulations, aiming to require tire manufacturers to pay more attention to product performance and quality, reduce carbon emissions during tire trials, and improve fuel efficiency and road safety. As an important tire production and consumption market in the world, how tire manufacturers cooperate with vehicle manufacturers, material and technology providers to develop and produce green smart tires to comply with European and American tire fuel efficiency, reach regulations and TPMS regulations is of great significance for enterprises to adjust their production layout. With the development and requirements of the radial rate of tires, the market potential of replacement tires, tire retreading market, deflated tires and the application of informatization are also crucial market strategies for vehicle manufacturers and tire manufacturers to explore the Asian market

participating in this conference will help you:

understand the latest policies and regulations and market dynamics of the current tire industry and the impact of your business

explore the application of innovative technologies and alternative materials in future environmentally friendly tires

listen to the information from China Different market strategies and expert opinions in Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States

grasp the trends of industry segments and help decision makers make the best enterprise development plan

publicize your leading technology and solutions through the booth, and stabilize and establish your market position

the participants come from the main value chain links of the tire industry, including tire manufacturers, technology and equipment providers, service providers and raw material providers. They are visionary leaders of their respective enterprises, including President, CEO, corporate strategy director, R & D director, chief engineer, project director, etc. Under the trend of greening the tire industry and improving industry regulations, they are willing to lead enterprises to open up a more prosperous development path and maintain the leading position in the market

in view of the great potential of green tires to reduce carbon emissions, this conference involves the industry hot spots of tire enterprise development strategies, and such technologies have the opportunity to give birth to high-frequency transistors, photodetectors, biosensors and other components in the 'post silicon era'. Words include: the latest policies and regulations and market dynamics of the tire industry and their impact, the application of green technologies and alternative materials in future environmentally friendly tires Interpret tire labels and TPMS regulations and adjust the layout of enterprises, advanced detection technologies and means for the research and development of new tire products, the market potential of RFID smart tires, and the latest technologies and development trends in the tire retreading market. At this meeting, authoritative institutions at home and abroad will elaborate on important topics, such as the EU General Administration of enterprises and industry will explain the latest market supervision and policies and regulations of the EU on tires, the China Automotive Technology Research Center will introduce the standard formulation of tire pressure monitoring system and prospect the market, Audi AG will deliver a speech on the current situation and development trend of TPMS technology, etc

the on-site experience of the Asian tire conference will provide you with more opportunities for communication and publicity: the "one-on-one" meeting before the conference will allow you to invite any representative for face-to-face in-depth exchanges and business negotiations; An independent booth will show your company's products and ideas to industry decision makers; In the quick speech session, you will have the opportunity to speak at the conference and listen to more data in a short time: different industry views after the end of the experiment; The best speaker award will make your wonderful speech recognized by the delegates

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