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Technical guidance: 100% sterilization of sterile textiles

in order to prevent the spread and infection of bacteria, the Ministry of health has issued a number of systems and management measures, and the hospital has also established an infection control department, with full-time staff to strictly grasp the management of hospital infection. From the central to the local level, up and down, it can be said that enough attention has been paid to infection management

then, no matter how strict prevention is, the hospital infection rate remains high. The reasons are: first, the hardware facilities are unqualified, which can not prevent the spread of germs; Second, human error leads to infection. From the perspective of infection route, a considerable number of bacteria are transmitted through contact. If the infection chain can be cut off, the occurrence of nosocomial infection can be effectively reduced

the birth of fiber bacteria purification technology and the sterile textiles produced by this technology can play a 100% killing effect on bacteria, easily cutting off the path of bacteria transmission through contact

it is reported that at present, the fiber bacteria purification technology is developed by a company in Hong Kong by integrating the most advanced bacteriostasis technology in European countries. It is the most advanced bacteriostasis technology in the world today. The product has passed the detection of international authoritative institutions, and the bacteriostasis rate has reached 100%, far exceeding international standards. The test results of the samples by Guangdong microbial analysis and Testing Center show that the sterile textiles produced by this technology have exceeded the highest AAA antibacterial standard in China, and the antibacterial rate has reached more than 99%. The technology is mature and the effect is excellent. It can be widely used in medical treatment, people's livelihood and other fields

sterile textiles produced by fiber bacteria purification technology have three very attractive properties: first, the antibacterial rate is more than 99%; Second, the pure physical bacteriostasis mode has no dissolution (or release), that is, it will not produce chemical components harmful to human health in the sterilization process; Third, it has long-lasting sterilization effect and is resistant to washing. That is, sterile textiles can be washed many times without failure, unlike antibacterial products produced by general technology, which will gradually lose effect in the washing process

it can be seen that sterile textiles produced by fiber bacteria purification technology can stand the test of time and occasions. Whether in time or in different environments, it can effectively exterminate an injection molded bottle blank internally, directly inflate and form in a multi station mold to kill bacteria, isolate bacteria externally, repair both inside and outside, create a copper and iron wall of textiles, and completely eliminate the spread and infection of bacteria through contact

whether it's human error or the infection work is not in place, as long as you wear sterile textiles, you can prevent germs from spreading and infecting the size of the investment range. It's really a once and for all thing

moreover, sometimes several experimental pieces are made into a set of experiments for strength testing. The extensive use of sterile textiles in hospitals can also greatly reduce the use of disposable medical equipment, reduce the investment of hospital infection manpower, and reduce the spread and infection of bacteria. Why not do more with one stone

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