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The technology is more advanced than that in China, and the falsification of commercial vehicle emissions is not new in Europe.

the falsification of domestic commercial vehicle diesel engine emissions system has long been an open secret in the industry. Recently, some media also said that Taobao could castrate the SCR post-treatment emissions system for more than 6 yuan, thereby saving up to 10000 yuan of urea expenditure every year. The article mentioned that "unlike Europe, China has long had the problem of fake diesel vehicle emissions, which has been an old problem". But in fact, there is no difference between Europe and China. The falsification of commercial vehicle emissions is not new, and even the technology is more advanced than that of China

referring to the European emission standards, we all know that the Euro 6 emission regulations are very strict. Even when someone talked about the serious haze in China, he jokingly compared it to me that under the latest Euro 6 emission standards in Europe, the exhaust of their diesel engines is cleaner than the air we are breathing now. But what if it's a car with fake exhaust emissions? Will you still have this sense of superiority to breathe. Recently, following the mass emissions fraud, a series of European heavy truck users' cases of emissions fraud are also being exposed one after another. This behavior is described by the media as the destruction of the fairy tale of clean diesel, or the lie of clean diesel, and they are also calling for stronger regulation while crying bitterly

a set of plug-in equipment of more than 3600 can easily handle Euro 6

after the domestic heavy-duty diesel engine enters the fourth emission country, it generally adopts the optional catalytic reduction technology, that is, adding urea. This is called AdBlue in Europe. If we search AdBlue emulator, which is called AdBlue simulator, we will get overwhelming picture information. This kind of equipment called simulator can be simply understood as a plug-in computer. Through this equipment, we can simulate and intervene the normal signal of SCR system, so that the vehicle will not limit the power and torque under the condition of no urea, and can still drive normally, so as to save urea. The nitrogen phosphorus flame retardant scheme has been widely developed and used at home and abroad to ensure the vehicle transportation efficiency

with the upgrading of Euro 6 emissions, this plug-in computer is also being upgraded synchronously. It can be seen that the plug-in equipment of Euro 6 version has also been further expanded with the brand popularity. I simply checked the Euro 6 products sold on a European station as an example. This product can cover SCR control modules and heaters of Euro 6 system, def metering pumps on trucks, nitrogen and oxygen sensors and temperature sensors of exhaust system At the same time, it can also control DPF filter, regeneration process and post-treatment fuel injection process

although the technology of Euro 6 is much more advanced and rigorous than that of Euro 4, this software is also being upgraded synchronously. The price is about 500 euros, equivalent to about 3600 yuan, which is not cheap. The station also emphasizes that this equipment is illegal in some countries and regions, especially in the European Union. You can buy this equipment, but it will cause higher exhaust emissions. At the same time, your truck will not meet the emission regulations, but this equipment can help you save urine costs. If you purchase this equipment, it means that you agree to bear the use and related consequences of the equipment, and the seller will not bear any responsibility for any problems caused by the equipment. The above-mentioned exoneration makes people cry and laugh. This bearing plate is produced by buck spritzgussteile formenbau, which also shows the embarrassing position of the equipment

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