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Don't worry about the aging of electrical lines. Fukuda Minsheng came to help

the inspection team went into the tenants' homes to understand the electrical line detection process

workers are conducting electrical circuit detection

due to old facilities, non-standard use and other reasons, electrical lines have always been one of the main sources of potential safety hazards in old communities and urban villages. To this end, this year, the Futian District Safety Committee Office took the lead in promoting the implementation of the "electrical circuit testing work in 164 old residential areas and 14 urban villages", a Futian District 201 lignin/phenolic resin (PF) 8-year practical project for people's livelihood, to build a safety guarantee for residents' home life. Jingbao learned that since the residential areas listed in the old renovation or shed renovation are not within the scope of this electrical household inspection, 147 old residential areas will be included in the inspection of this city's first district wide electrical safety inspection project, with an estimated inspection area of about 12.14 million square meters and about 235000 houses. Yesterday afternoon, Wang Yueping and Chen Huiming, deputy directors of the Standing Committee of the Futian District People's Congress, led the District People's Congress inspection team, accompanied by Li Dexin, deputy director of the District Safety Committee Office, into the Chengzhong Village under the jurisdiction of Fubao street to inspect the practical work of people's livelihood. On the whole, the deputies to the people's Congress expressed their appreciation for this work and put forward useful suggestions worthy of increasing publicity to the residents

Lin Yanyu, the correspondent of liuyubin, Xiaoye, a crystal newspaper business, issued 9864 rectification notices. The electrical circuit detection work has achieved practical results. Yesterday afternoon, a delegation of deputies to the National People's Congress organized by the Standing Committee of the Futian District People's Congress came to a tenant's home in Shixia North village, Fubao street. The staff are here to detect the heating of indoor electrical circuits, the current and time of leakage protection switches, and Wiring of electric sockets, whether small electric equipment is used in a standardized manner, etc. According to the introduction, the inspectors will input various inspection data, hidden danger photos and form inspection reports and records through the Futian District electrical safety inspection information tool app developed by the Futian District Safety Committee Office entrusted by the Urban Safety Institute. The background of the app can also summarize the detection data and form a database to facilitate traceability and hidden danger query. Fubao Street staff will sue if they report corrosion and/or deformation. If there are hidden dangers in the house, a hidden danger rectification notice will be issued to the house users, indicating the hidden dangers, guiding the rectification measures, and urging the users to implement them in place

According to the interview of

Jingbao, in early September this year, with the cooperation of the sub district offices, community workstations and joint-stock companies in Futian District, electrical safety testing has been carried out in houses and households by making an appointment in advance, knocking on doors door by door, and building managers leading the team. Up to now, a total of 16302 households have been tested, 16735 hidden dangers have been found, and 9864 hidden danger rectification notices have been issued to users with potential safety hazards. It is understood that the efficiency of household inspection will be greatly improved next

get through the last mile of residents' safety

deputies to the National People's Congress came to recruit

"this practical matter of people's livelihood led by the Futian District Safety Committee has solved the problem of the last mile of safety and sent safety to thousands of households." During the interview, Yang Qin, a deputy to the Municipal People's Congress, believed that the citizens have the obligation to actively cooperate with the electrical circuit detection work, and the safety supervision department should also strengthen the publicity of this work. Yang Qin said that the owner or the landlord had considered the human-machine relationship issues well to ensure the safety of electrical lines. For this, the public security inspection, law enforcement, safety supervision and other departments need to form a joint force to increase the cost that the owner or the landlord is not responsible for and force the implementation. "More than 9000 rectification notices have been issued, which shows that this testing work is very necessary." Wei Xiaobing, a deputy to the Futian District People's Congress, said. She and Zhong Xiong, a deputy to the people's Congress, also suggested that we should take this work as an opportunity to carefully plan the publicity of safety knowledge, which will not only help the smooth implementation of the testing work, but also further enhance the residents' awareness of life safety.

"Detecting hidden dangers is the first step, and eliminating hidden dangers is the goal." Wang Yueping said that we should carry out this livelihood work in a down-to-earth manner and effectively solve the hidden safety problems of electrical lines in old residential areas and urban villages. Chen Huiming suggested that during the promotion of this project, a long-term management mechanism could be explored to effectively and dynamically manage the safety of electrical lines

it is reported that in order to ensure the closed-loop management of hidden danger investigation, rectification and review, Futian District has made it clear that it will formulate and complete the regulatory documents such as the notice of violation of power safety and the notice of stopping power supply. At the same time, Futian District Safety Committee Office will continue to strengthen the on-site spot inspection and supervision of this detection work, and will report the work progress from time to time to ensure that this work is completed on schedule

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