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Technology is the driving force for the sustainable development of the glass door, window and curtain wall industry

the development of the door, window and curtain wall industry needs the right time, the right place and the right people

the financial storm sweeping the world has brought and is bringing huge disasters and impacts to the world economy. Today, when China's economy is more integrated into the world, China's construction industry and door, window and curtain wall enterprises cannot be alone in the crisis. In the face of crisis, we should not only be prepared to withstand disasters and shocks, but also build confidence and see that the electrical equipment of the 6.4 experimental machine should ensure: to bright. We should see that the impact of this crisis on our country is relatively small. This will enable the Chinese economy and Chinese enterprises to have broader development space in this crisis and after the crisis. This is the time of the day. Door, window and curtain wall enterprises should make use of the advantages formed by the rapid development of the domestic construction industry in recent years to speed up the improvement and development of themselves, which is the geographical advantage. We should recognize that the implementation of the principles and policies of national economic construction is the guarantee for achieving sustainable development. Developing the national economy and building a modern and powerful country is the common goal of all enterprises and all people, which is human harmony

enterprises need to concentrate and accumulate

this financial storm has sounded an alarm for us. Economic construction must follow economic laws, and speculation and tricks are not allowed. In terms of business strategy, the most important thing is to focus on goals, gather resources and accumulate energy

enterprises, large or small, should focus on their business objectives. If you want to do anything, you can't do anything well. Only professionals can be proficient. Not only products should be specialized, but also enterprise functions should be specialized. What should be stripped off should be stripped off, and what should be outsourced should be outsourced. Only by shortening the front can enterprises form their core strength and gain vitality in adversity

resource problem is the strategic problem of enterprises. Gathering and mastering resources is the guarantee of career success. In the complex economic environment, we should pay attention to both natural resources and social resources; Both internal resources should be considered, and the peel strength should be calculated by carbon fiber. The composite material also has a series of good performance analysis external resources, such as strong designability, good safety of parts and 1 integration of parts; It is necessary to gather tangible assets such as materials and personnel; It is also necessary to gather intangible assets such as brands and technologies. In short, we should gather and use all kinds of resources effectively and reasonably in order to get through the difficulties

the energy of enterprises depends on accumulation. It takes a long or short process to achieve any career. The so-called process is: every drop of water wears away the stone, and every ounce is made into a coat. Great achievements are the result of long-term accumulation of knowledge, experience, ability, talents, funds and other factors. The more difficult an enterprise is, the more it must adhere to it. Because victory often comes from the effort of persistence

enterprise construction needs to learn communication and cooperation

economic construction itself is the best textbook. At that time, our entrepreneurs suffered from the lack of advanced technology and products, and believed that with technology and products, we could build and develop. Therefore, enterprises spend a lot of money to buy other people's technology and products. How about buying it back? Isn't it out of date soon. Therefore, emerging new products and technologies will always dominate this market. This is a lesson learned by people with countless failures and a lot of money

therefore, the construction and survival of our enterprises must learn, communicate and cooperate. We should learn to master new technologies and produce new products. This is not enough, but also through exchanges to understand the market, grasp the market, and through cooperation to reduce resource and energy consumption, improve output efficiency, and achieve a virtuous cycle of operation and sustainable development

ten years ago, the theme of "learning, exchange and cooperation" was put forward when the first China International door, window and curtain wall technology exchange seminar was held. In the past decade, more and more entrepreneurs have been involved in the study of technical exchange and discussion of doors, windows and curtain walls. The disclosure of technologies and information related to doors, windows and curtain walls, and the promotion and introduction of advanced and high-end products have become the hot spots and highlights of the seminar, while cooperative operation, learning from each other's strengths and common development have increasingly become the consensus of enterprise operators

especially last year, the Ninth China International Door and window curtain wall technology exchange seminar, with a record number of more than 1000 participants, 40 experts and scholars gave technical exchange speeches, and some relevant units also sent personnel to participate in the study. This can not help but make the meeting organizers feel gratified

there is no doubt that science and technology are the driving force for the sustainable development of the door, window and curtain wall industry. Especially in today's turbulent world economy, people will more consciously use science and technology to cope with difficulties and promote development. It is believed that the China International Door and window curtain wall technology exchange seminar is becoming a brand and influence of 10 ~ 25mm. It is bound to be concerned and supported by more departments and institutions, and welcomed and participated by more enterprises

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