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Grafting technology, intelligent circuit breakers open a new era of household electricity - Le Niao

in life, we often use "electric tiger" to describe the power and ferocity of electricity. In fact, the safe use of electricity has always been a topic of great concern, because the safety accidents caused by electricity also occur frequently, which has sounded the alarm for people again and again. However, with the popularity of electrical appliances in life and work, power safety has become a top priority. Smart power + smart circuit breakers have also become one of the important links in the construction of smart cities

why can intelligent circuit breakers open a new era of household electricity? Let's take a look at the "smart" function of intelligent circuit breakers

control: all lights, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and other electrical appliances in the room can be remotely controlled on each switch

lighting: lighting can be turned on and off regularly, and it can also be controlled manually through remote control. It is not necessary to turn off or turn on the switch manually at a long distance

operation: you can complete the processing of remote control such as timing, delay and so on by defining scenes. The number of scenes is unlimited, and you can add them manually

cluster control: all lights and various electrical appliances associated with the scene can be turned on at one time through scene setting

locking: the switch can be locked through remote setting to avoid misoperation, or manual closing by non unit people to avoid unnecessary accidents

all off function: all 37 paper listed companies that actively promote the use of existing policy channels in the room can be closed with one click, and 32 of them have achieved revenue growth

convenient installation: the installation size and wiring method are the same as that of ordinary switches, without other additional operations

at present, Anqing is taking this opportunity. The intelligent circuit breaker is suitable for remote intelligent control of household, student dormitory, enterprise, municipal engineering, street lamp, farm, rental house, water pump, floor heating, water heater and other equipment

"electric tiger" is not terrible. The happy bird intelligent circuit breaker + smart power safety hidden danger supervision service system puts a "hoop curse" on power consumption to prevent trouble before it happens, making power consumption safer and more assured

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