The hottest technology is coming. Glass coating

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"Black technology" is coming! Glass coating

"now everyone has to film cars. In the future, after the popularity of these functional glasses we developed, all new cars do not need to be coated, and the cost is not much higher than that of ordinary glass." Recently, the signing ceremony of "Zhiyun Gongyou force displacement (deformation) curvilinear energy glass research institute" jointly established by Changzhou Engineering Vocational and technical college, Jiangsu Zhiyun new materials Co., Ltd. and vecast (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Changzhou. Wu Yusheng, President of the Institute, said that automotive glass will enter the era of coating from the era of coating

"Zhiyun functional glass research institute" is jointly built by three parties. The school is responsible for intellectual and technological investment, and the enterprise is responsible for equipment, site and capital investment. The institute implements the president responsibility system under the leadership of the Council, adheres to the principles of co construction, co management and sharing, and independently works according to the articles of association of the Institute for research errors. The Research Institute will be committed to the research, development, testing and promotion of new technologies of functional glass (mainly including heat insulation, noise reduction, fog prevention, high strength, etc.), covering rail crossings, green building materials, automobiles and other industries

it is understood that vecast group of the United States invested and founded in 2003, headquartered in PaloAlto, California, where large-scale enterprises and technology enterprises gather in the United States. In 2004, the company invested and established Beijing China Power connect and vecast (Beijing) stone hammer Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in the development of optical energy-saving film technology and products. Jiangsu Zhiyun new materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 with a total investment of 170million yuan. It is mainly engaged in glass deep processing production, research and development, and its products mainly involve automobile, rail transit, real estate and other industries

it is one of the missions of Zhiyun functional glass research institute to coat ordinary automotive glass and make them realize functions that they did not have before. It is reported that this glass coating process needs to be cured at a high temperature of 200. The coating is colorless and transparent, and its hardness exceeds Mohs 3, which is similar to natural marble. On the basis of maintaining the original clear and transparent and optical, physical, chemical, mechanical and other characteristics, the coated glass has added sun shading, heat insulation and radiation protection functions, blocking all ultraviolet radiation and more than 95% infrared heat energy in the sun. At the same time, the light transmittance and color of the glass can also be changed by adding transparent pigments according to the design requirements, such as green system, brown system, blue gray system, etc

I learned in the interview that if the new energy bus uses this kind of glass, it can significantly reduce the solar radiation, reduce the large amount of heat entering the car, and increase the mileage by reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning. According to the average speed of urban bus of 20 kilometers per hour, the energy consumption of passenger cars per hour, air conditioning energy consumption of 7.8 degrees, air conditioning energy consumption and driving energy consumption account for 43%-65%. The trend of automobile glass is that the size is getting larger and larger. In summer, the sunlight projection area is more than 10 meters, and the heat energy penetrating the glass into the car is more than 8kw, which consumes 32% of the total cooling capacity of the bus, and the energy consumption is about 2.6kw. If this kind of functional glass is installed, it can reduce the sunlight projection energy or indistinguishable 60%, reduce the total cooling capacity consumed by the sunlight from 32% to 13%, and save 1.6kw, which not only reduces the temperature in the car, Moreover, the contribution rate of driving energy consumption is%, which can increase the endurance mileage of passenger cars by more than 10%. Due to the rapid development of energy-saving technology of new energy passenger cars in recent years, many of them have achieved energy consumption of 0.5 degrees/kilometer. In this regard, the use of glass insulation technology can increase the endurance by more than 20%

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