Dongchang Lake was injured by many uncivilized beh

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Many uncivilized behaviors such as painting buckets make Dongchang Lake "very injured"

many uncivilized behaviors such as painting buckets make Dongchang Lake "very injured"

April 21, 2015

[China paint information] at present, the weather is getting better and better, and many citizens and tourists come to Dongchang Lake to enjoy the scenery. However, while enjoying the charm of Dongchang Lake, we also found many uncivilized behaviors, including not only washing clothes, washing cars, cleaning paint buckets by the lake, but also urinating in the lake. The city tied the extensometer to the sample with a spring or rubber band. The people proposed that Dongchang Lake is a treasure of Liaocheng and should be favored to prevent uncivilized behavior. At the same time, relevant departments should strengthen the strict management of uncivilized behavior

On the 18th, Vice Mayor Chen Biao delivered a speech. The temperature in the urban area rose, and more people came out to play. Dongchang Lake is the first choice for everyone to travel. When the microwaves ripple on the lake and the breeze blows, people have an infinite sense of happiness to live here. But at the same time, walking around the lake, some uncivilized behaviors came into view, which not only affected the viewing mood, but also made people worried about this beautiful lake

near the Hexiang Pavilion, two old people parked their cars by the Dongchang Lake. They took a few tin buckets with paint and brushes, and used Dongchang Lake as a cleaning pool. Soon, a large amount of white material appeared on the lake. People passing by came to watch it and thought there was something wrong in the lake. The two old men saw people and hurried away with their things. Some citizens said angrily that Dongchang Lake is the business card of Liaocheng, which only pollutes the lake water and affects the image of Liaocheng without the substantial expansion of power battery capacity

"VOC in washing clothes and paint by the lake is a kind of volatile material, car, urination, and everything. If there are many people on holiday, there is a lot of garbage on the lake. These uncivilized behaviors pollute the lake and affect the image of the city. Dongchang Lake is a famous film of Liaocheng, which can be said to be the soul of Liaocheng in culture, and we should cherish it." Said a citizen living nearby

many citizens suggested that the relevant departments should strengthen the management of such acts and give certain punishment to the acts of polluting the lake. At the same time, we should also consciously protect Dongchang Lake

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