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The integration of science and technology makes the new future of traditional printing

at the 2013 Shanghai International Printing week, topics and exhibitions such as platform economy and 3D printing attracted attention. These new formats are no longer an idea and are no longer just for viewing. There are more and more allies and practical cases in the industry, which perspective the direction of the reform of the printing industry

at the 2013 Shanghai International Printing week, the Buddha statues in the kuci Grottoes in Xinjiang, which were highly restored by 3D printing technology more than 1500 years ago, are not only a landscape, but many wonderful displays are eye-catching. At the same time, they sound the horn of accelerating the integration of information technology, digital technology and traditional printing techniques, and the huge energy generated by this integration is opening another blue ocean of unlimited imagination and development for the printing industry

platform economy is a new type of economic business that has emerged in recent years. It relies on the development of information technology and Internet technology, realizes the integration of manufacturing and service industries, and promotes the complete change of business model and economic form

On the printing week, Shanghai Donnelly Printing Co., Ltd. released information on the construction of enterprise printing supply chain platform; Jiangsu Phoenix and founder signed a contract to jointly build Phoenix Yinyun service platform; Shanghai jinhuitong creative design development Co., Ltd., which specializes in design, announced the establishment of a design research and development center to build a creative design cloud platform. These measures all send a message that the printing industry is still ahead of the whole industry in the construction of platform economic form

the relevant person in charge of Shanghai Donnelly told China publishing news that Donnelly would invest in an on-demand printing production line by the end of this year. Previously, the company had invested a lot of energy to build a printing supply chain platform. The biggest feature of this platform is to open it to all printing enterprises

Zhou Jianping, director of the printing management office of Shanghai Publishing Bureau, is very positive about this. He believes that the printing industry used to be characterized by busy hours, empty space and time, and the equipment utilization rate is not very high. However, the printing supply chain platform can solve this problem well, and if it develops well, it can even receive orders from any country in the world. In addition, the supply chain platform will also play a leading role gb/t 3098.6 (2) 000 mechanical properties of fasteners stainless steel bolts, screws and studs. Enterprises joining this platform must comply with its standards, which is of great benefit to the formulation of printing industry standards and to create the cluster effect of printing manufacturing industry. Zhou Jianping said

new technology brings new opportunities

3d printing is undoubtedly another hot spot in Shanghai International Printing week, for example, if the sensor with expanded configuration is at 10 torque. For ordinary viewers, it's enough to have a look at the Buddha statues in the kuci Grottoes in Xinjiang brought by Shanghai business digital image technology Co., Ltd. and then enjoy the famous high simulation purple sand teapot brought by Hangzhou Xianlin 3D Technology Co., Ltd. through 3D technology. When the product standard is not specified, however, putting the technology that seems to have little connection with printing, as well as the technology of measuring rubber and leather, on display at the printing week reflects the good intentions of the organizers

the exhibition of Buddha statues in kuci Grottoes in Xinjiang is a real case that focuses on virtual digitization and explores the integration of digital imaging and 3D printing technology. The new business form it forms will bring good opportunities for the innovation, transformation and development of the printing industry. This is also the profound connotation of science and technology leadership in the theme of the printing week, which leads the whole printing industry to transform from passive processing and manufacturing to active manufacturing. Zhou Jianping said

coincidentally, the booth carefully arranged by Yachang company is opposite the Buddha statue booth in Xinjiang kuci grottoes. As we all know, Yachang's two-dimensional art reproduction technology has made Yachang brilliant today. From two-dimensional printing to three-dimensional printing, the distance in the exhibition hall shows the printer a blue ocean full of hope

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