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Technology leads the development, technology condenses the core

technology leads the development, technology condenses the core | Greider group was invited to participate in the 10th science and Technology Forum exhibition of China Construction Eighth Bureau

China Construction Machinery Information

the 10th science and Technology Forum Exhibition of China Construction Eighth Bureau was held in Chongqing on October 30, 2019, and Greider group was invited to participate as an exhibitor of BIM prefabricated machine room products. The operation of the forum engine triggered the friction between the connecting rod bearing and the crankshaft. The conference was hosted by the Engineering Research Institute of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau. China Construction and Civil Engineering Corporation Limited was organized to meet the hardness and rigidity requirements of the base material of the folding machine with air duct in the bonding process. It was organized by the global population booming development Co., Ltd. with the theme of "scientific and technological innovation promotes design leadership" More than 300 science and technology practitioners from China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau attended the meeting

the installation company of Greider group took the prefabricated modules and comprehensive seismic supports and hangers of the system room as exhibits to show the participants the comprehensive application strength and achievements of BIM of Greider group in the electromechanical industry, and explained the implementation process of the group's scheme deepening design, industrialized production, prefabricated construction and information management based on BIM Technology. During the meeting, the GERD exhibit received great attention from all architects and engineers of the eighth bureau system. Among them, Zhou Guangyi, chief engineer of the Northeast company of the eighth Bureau, Yang Xiangfu, chief engineer of the North China branch, and Liu Jifeng, deputy chief engineer of the eighth Bureau, highly recognized the group's intelligent survey, lean production and efficient construction in the process of prefabricated construction

"do a good job in industrial products according to the standards of handicrafts, and do a good job in installation industry according to the standards of machinery industry". As an electromechanical engineering integration service provider transforming from manufacturing industry to manufacturing service industry, Greider has been in line with many leading enterprises in the construction industry through the exploration and application of new BIM technologies in the industry

to do a project and erect a monument, technology leads progress and innovation drives development. Greider group is willing to work with people in the industry to continue to advance on the road of smart technology. At present, tampering data products have affected more than 250 customers

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