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Weichai Tan Xuguang: the "triple Decoding" of world-class entrepreneurs

Weichai Tan Xuguang: the "triple Decoding" of world-class entrepreneurs

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Guide: when Tan Xuguang took over Weichai in 1998, Weichai was heavily in debt, with a cumulative loss of more than 300million yuan, and was on the verge of bankruptcy. No one dares to predict whether Weichai can be reborn, and no one dares to hope that in the next 14 years, according to experts on the scene, Tan Xuguang can lead China's manufacturing industry to the world. Today, with Weichai Power

when Tan Xuguang took over Weichai in 1998, Weichai was already heavily in debt, with a cumulative loss of more than 300million yuan, and was on the verge of bankruptcy on March 15. No one dares to predict whether Weichai can be reborn, let alone hope that in the next 14 years, Tan Xuguang can lead China's manufacturing industry to the world...

today, with the booming power of Weichai, the name of Tan Xuguang has been closely linked with enterprises. In fact, it is such a group of world-class well-known entrepreneurs that have created a number of world-famous enterprises in the three cities of Shandong

therefore, whether Yangzhou can have a number of world-class enterprises will undoubtedly depend on whether Yangzhou can have world-class entrepreneurs. What kind of entrepreneurs do we need? How can Yangzhou entrepreneurs find the spiritual fulcrum? In depth interviews were conducted with Weichai's grass-roots staff to senior staff, trying to closely interpret the world-class entrepreneurship embodied in Tan Xuguang

decoding one

supports the spirit of "Weichai miracle"

never giving up

from GAC Honda to Weichai Power, Wang Shike has been responsible for the strategic development research of Weichai for less than half a year. However, when Wang Shike introduced the development strategy of Weichai during the 12th Five Year Plan, Tan Xuguang's difficult entrepreneurship was mentioned at the beginning

what supported the miracles of Weichai one after another

"without Mr. Tan's spirit of never giving up, there would be no Weichai today." Wang Shike said

in 1998, Tan Xuguang, who was initially in charge of the job, faced enterprises with a total debt of 300million yuan, accumulated losses of more than 300million yuan, and only 80000 yuan on the book, as well as employees who did not pay wages for half a year. However, this mess will not make this tough guy shrink back

in the face of huge deficits, Tan Xuguang did not turn to higher-level units or local governments for help, but found local banks to request loans. When the bank president didn't see him, he went to the other party's door and waited for two days until the other party was moved: "I believe this young man will do a good job in the enterprise"

Tan Xuguang moved the bank president with his sincerity and perseverance, and got the first capital of 10million yuan after taking office. Many years later, Tan Xuguang recalled that for the sake of 60000 employees and their families, if he didn't give it to me, I wouldn't leave

Weichai's first order for construction machinery also came from Tan Xuguang's "persistence"

Wang Shike said that after President Tan took office, he transformed the Steyr engine used in heavy trucks into the engine used in special vehicles of construction machinery. At that time, the market generally held a wait-and-see attitude

In 1999, in order to expand the market, Tan Xuguang made an appointment to visit several manufacturers of construction machinery vehicles in early November. However, at the end of October, Tan Xuguang had a car accident and broke four ribs

"breaking muscles and bones for a hundred days", Tan Xuguang walked long distances to Hunan with bandages to visit customers. The other party was moved by his spirit: "Lao Tan, you can come to us to explore the market even if you have broken four ribs. We have decided to match your engine next year."

in this way, Weichai began to enter the construction machinery market in an all-round way, and its sales revenue doubled year after year, thus setting off a full range of strategic layout in the whole field and series

decoding II

stimulate endless work passion

always be grateful

Song Cuiping, the brand management department of Weichai Power, who was responsible for receiving our interview, told her a scene that she still remembers:

on October 21, 2011, as part of the 65th anniversary of the factory to fundamentally solve the difficulties of insufficient capital investment, the live performance was held in the production workshop of Weichai that night. At the scene, the captain of Weichai "three high" test team was moved to tears: "all our hard work is worth it, because chairman Tan said," I see what you have done and keep it in mind. "

Tan Xuguang's simple words have warmed and supported the weak girl and her team in the extreme environment of high cold, high temperature, plateau and so on for many years

in 2011, Tan Xuguang was identified as the "year of thanksgiving". "Only when an enterprise is grateful to its employees, can it promote the common development of employees and the enterprise; only when employees are grateful to the enterprise, can it stimulate infinite work passion and strong consciousness."

in an interview, Tan Xuguang said, "manpower is not cost but capital. Human capital is the first element of sustainable development of enterprises. Enterprises and employees should learn to be grateful. Gratitude represents a sunny and healthy state of mind, which can make people work and live happily."

be grateful to employees, enterprises and society. During our stay in Weichai for less than half a day, we found that Tan Xuguang's gratitude concept has merged into a powerful cultural force in Weichai

decode the third

finally rise to the "leader" of the industry

insatiable spirit

coming to Weichai new energy technology center is approaching the end of work, and Dr. Han Erliang, deputy general manager of the group and director of the center, is still waiting for us

this is a spacious and bright design hall. In the quiet hall, more than 100 technicians were working at the computer desk, and the scene was very spectacular. In July, 2010, as the leader of the scientific research team introduced from general motors of the United States, Han Erliang was selected into the Sixth Batch of National Overseas Talent Introduction "thousand talent plan"

"you have lived and worked in the United States for 27 years, and presided over the research and development of new energy technology in the international automobile giant General Motors. What attracted you to give up the superior conditions abroad and come to Weichai to start a second business?"

Han Erliang's answer is very simple: "President Tan's pursuit and Weichai's broad innovation platform give me the opportunity to realize the value of life again."

make the best new energy vehicles in China and occupy a place in the world market. When Tan Xuguang knocked on the door of Han Erliang's home in Chicago, this beautiful pursuit made Han Erliang excited

at the Beijing International Road Transport Exhibition in May this year, Yangzhou Yaxing js6126ghev hybrid bus became the protagonist of the press conference that day. This bus is the latest achievement developed by Weichai new energy technology center

someone said in the interview that for Tan Xuguang, who was born and raised in Weifang, a famous kite city, to be an orderly and step-by-step local state-owned enterprise "boss" is a more realistic and less risky choice, but it is this insatiable entrepreneurial spirit that makes him finally leap to the "leader" of the industry

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