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Zoomlion strides into the agricultural machinery industry to help the industry breakthrough

Zoomlion strides into the agricultural machinery industry to help the industry breakthrough

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Zoomlion Lianban walking space of about 1000 mm Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zoomlion") recently announced that it would purchase 1.8 billion shares of Chery heavy industry, the top three in the agricultural machinery industry, for 2.088 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the total share capital, Hony capital acquired 600million shares of Chery heavy industry with 696million yuan, accounting for 20% of the total share capital

Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion Heavy Industries, said that the future development prospects of agricultural machinery are huge. Zoomlion will enter the agricultural machinery industry with the help of this acquisition to form a new profit growth point in the development of urbanization

2billion yuan bid for 60% shares of Chery heavy industry

on July 21, 1.8 billion shares of Chery heavy industry, a new leader in China's agricultural machinery industry, were listed on Anhui Yangtze River Property Exchange at a listing price of 2.088 billion yuan. Among them, Wuhu construction investment plans to transfer 780million shares of Chery heavy industry it holds, Chery holdings plans to transfer all its 900million shares of Chery heavy industry, and Wuhu Yuanda plans to transfer its 120million shares of Chery heavy industry

it is understood that the equity restructuring of Chery heavy industry has set two targets. One is that it must be at least in the top 50 of the "2013 top 100 list of China's equipment manufacturing industry" in order to bring strong support for the development of enterprises in R & D, technology, market and management upgrading; The second is to introduce private investment institutions with assets under management of more than 20billion, in order to help enterprises expand globally in R & D, production and market with its advantageous resources, and get professional support and help in improving corporate governance structure, management improvement, financial optimization, etc., so as to provide all-round support for the further development of Chery heavy industry and promote Chery heavy industry to become stronger and bigger

on the evening of August 15, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, announced that according to the company's development strategy, in order to promote the rapid development of agricultural machinery business, the company plans to participate in Chery heavy industry's bidding, and plans to bid for the target shares at a listed price of 2.088 billion yuan

the announcement also said that if the bidding is successful and the transaction is completed, the company will hold 60% of the shares of Chery heavy industry, which will become a milestone in officially entering the agricultural machinery sector, provide a continuous driving force for the company's future development, and help the company quickly become a leading agricultural machinery enterprise in China

layout agricultural machinery in advance

in fact, the merger and acquisition of Chery heavy industry is not an impulse of Zoomlion, but focuses on the future growth potential of agricultural machinery industry. According to the national development plan for agricultural machinery industry, the total output value of China's agricultural machinery industry will reach more than 400billion yuan by 2015, and is expected to exceed 500billion yuan in 2018

as early as at the 2012 general meeting of shareholders, Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said that the company would not "bet" on the construction machinery industry in the future, but would consider diversified development, form multiple growth points, and continue to promote the company to achieve growth beyond the average level of the industry. He estimated that in the next three to five years, Zoomlion would form a pattern in which the five sectors of construction machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery, heavy trucks and financial services would go hand in hand

in order to expand the agricultural machinery sector, Zoomlion signed a construction project agreement with Bishan County in Chongqing at the end of 2013, and its agricultural machinery industrial park will be located in Bishan Industrial Park. At that time, Zhan Chunxin also said, "Bishan Industrial Park is the first Agricultural Machinery Industrial Park of Zoomlion, which will provide an important guarantee for the company's global layout and quality improvement transformation."

in order to make agricultural machinery truly become a major growth point of Zoomlion, the merger and acquisition of new parts and components with lighter weight and better performance has begun again. This time, the goal is Chery heavy industry. Zoomlion said that in the three years since its establishment, Chery heavy industry has not only successfully achieved profits, but also accumulated rich resources in the market, technology, channels and management. If the bidding is successful and the transaction is completed, the company will quickly complete the layout of the agricultural machinery sector in the short term, laying a good foundation for the subsequent market expansion and the introduction of new technologies

deep ploughing agricultural machinery helps the industry make breakthroughs

for this merger and acquisition, Zhan Chunxin said that it will become another milestone for Zoomlion to enter agricultural machinery, which will help the company quickly become a leading domestic agricultural machinery enterprise, realize structural transformation and industrial upgrading, and make agricultural machinery another profit growth force and business highlight of the company after engineering machinery and environmental industry

for choosing agricultural machinery as the direction of enterprise transformation and upgrading, Zoomlion explained that the food problem has always been one of China's most important national strategies, and vigorously developing modern agriculture is an important guarantee for food security. In particular, the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee clearly put forward the objectives and implementation plan of land reform, which will further promote the great development and prosperity of China's agriculture, and then stimulate the market demand for China's agricultural machinery. Zoomlion pointed out that from the perspective of the industrial development prospects of agricultural machinery, so we will work hard in the whole testing process, China is a large agricultural country, and China's modernization is inseparable from agricultural modernization, and agricultural modernization is inseparable from the modernization of agricultural machinery. This national condition fundamentally determines the huge potential demand for agricultural machinery

it is reported that after this merger, the "three parties" will work together. On the one hand, Chery heavy industry is a leader in the field of agricultural machinery in China, and the overall strength of the company's agricultural equipment has entered the forefront of the industry. Especially since January 2014, under the overall downturn of China's agricultural and construction machinery market, the company's businesses have maintained healthy and sustained growth; On the other hand, Zoomlion is the leading enterprise of global construction machinery. After 22 years of hard work, it has accumulated advantages and resources in technology, market, management, culture and so on. Since 2001, Zoomlion has successively merged and acquired companies such as British baolujie company, Puyuan group, Shaanxi xinhuanggong, Italy CIFA, German m-TEC, Netherlands raxtar, which greatly enriched the product structure of Zoomlion, Zoomlion has completed the leap from China's leading to the international leading; In addition, Hony capital, another protagonist of the M & A case, has rich experience and resources in capital operation, value discovery, corporate governance and internationalization strategy. Its experience in formulating strategy, M & A integration, capital operation and optimizing management can continuously provide value-added services for the company, continue to escort the development of the enterprise, give advice and integrate resources

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