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Zoomlion qay2000 all terrain crane assists Xinjiang Wind Power Project

Zoomlion qay2000 all terrain crane assists Xinjiang Wind Power Project

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since May 2016, Zoomlion qay2000 all terrain crane, known as the "son of the wind", is now in the construction of Xinjiang Hami Kushui wind power project, with 3.0MW wind turbine units hoisted and overhauled on site

qay2000 in the hoisting and maintenance of the current 3.0MW wind turbine, which can be used to stretch, compress, bend, shear, peel and other mechanical properties of metal and non-metal materials. The experimental group

Xinjiang Hami Kushui wind farm is a no man's land, with only endless Gobi sand, and more than 100 kilometers away from the nearest small town. The storm is raging, and the on-site operation environment is extremely difficult, but the Zoomlion qay2000 service team takes "customer first" as the starting point, Overcoming many difficulties, the research and development engineers of electrical, hydraulic, structural, transmission and other professional lines led by the product project manager were dispatched at the first time to form a special service team to guide the installation

Zoomlion sent a first-class service team to help qay2000 hoisting work

after the special service team arrived at the site, it carefully planned with the construction party, fully considered environmental factors, jointly formulated a detailed hoisting plan, and followed the whole process to escort the whole hoisting and achieve the best service work

according to ouyangxiong, a technical service personnel who just came back from Hami, Xinjiang, "in order to ensure the hoisting progress of the customer, our technical service personnel are on standby 24 hours a day, firing troops on the battlefield, like an indefatigable gyroscope."

the report points out that the qay2000 service team overhauled the equipment on site to ensure safety

it is reported that the qay2000 crane overhauled the 3.0MW wind power hoisting, using the working condition of main boom 103 meters + goose head boom + super lift hoisting, with a working radius of 20 meters and zero counterweight. The actual lifting capacity reached 68 tons, only reaching 80% of the rated lifting capacity. In other words, qay2000 can easily complete the task as long as it moves the telescopic boom to stop working better

"the hoisting site is more than 10 kilometers away. Qay2000 carries a 300 ton boom, turntable and 12 axle chassis for heavy-duty transfer. The whole vehicle runs smoothly and the transfer speed is very fast." The person in charge of the construction party appreciated the high efficiency of qay2000

The Hami Kushui wind power project is undertaken by Ningxia julishen Industrial Co., Ltd., which has rich experience in wind power project construction and management. This cooperation further consolidated the strategic alliance and cooperation relationship between Zoomlion and Ningxia julishen, and also brought great confidence and encouragement for both sides to make great strides in the wind power industry in the future

qay2000 all terrain crane, known as the "son of the wind", is a unique wind power series all terrain crane developed through in-depth research on the geographical distribution of wind farms, installation and construction methods and industry development trends. It is a strategic product to climb the commanding height of all terrain crane research and development technology. With a rated lifting capacity of more than 2000 tons, it is the only all terrain crane in the world that can realize the installation of 3.0MW wind turbines by using the telescopic boom, and can cover the installation of all wind turbines of 3.0MW and below. At the same time, it can meet the harsh working conditions of hoisting projects such as 1000 ton chemical towers and tanks, metallurgical blast furnaces and other large equipment

it is understood that qay2000 all terrain crane will also go to Inner Mongolia and other places to enter j-carton constant for the construction of other wind power projects

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