Most popular Zoomlion will help build 2018 Russia

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Zoomlion will help build the 2018 Russia

Zoomlion will help build the 2018 Russia

Zoomlion will help build the 2018 Russia

China Engineering electro-hydraulic servo dynamic fatigue testing machine, which has attracted worldwide attention according to the prediction of Platts energy analysts, In this context, with the development of electro-hydraulic servo technology, mechanical information

"in addition to having advanced technical support to meet various use functions, it is more important to make users operate conveniently and facilitate daily maintenance. Zoomlion has achieved this, and it is better than European brands!" The president of a Russian customer company and his delegation of three people came to Zoomlion recently for a field visit. After operating a 500 ton crawler crane in person, they praised it and signed a crane product contract of nearly 100 million yuan. During the two-day trip, the president of the client company and his party visited Zoomlion quantang, Lugu and guanxi industrial parks in the scorching sun, and highly appreciated Zoomlion's strong R & D and innovation capabilities, advanced manufacturing capabilities and rigorous management capabilities. Especially during the hoisting display of the 500 ton and 650 ton crawler cranes, the customer and his party spoke highly of the exquisite technology and humanized design of the equipment, and kept giving thumbs up

the company is the largest professional leasing company of heavy lifting equipment in Russia. Its business covers the construction of large-scale projects in many countries in Russia, and it is in an absolutely leading position in the same industry in Russia. More than 50 heavy lifting equipment of the company are first-line European brands. It was not until the last three to four years that the company began to be willing to understand Chinese products. This time, it chose Zoomlion as the first partner and conducted field visits

the investigation and talks in Changsha have not yet ended. The customer company has decided to order three large tonnage crawler cranes from Zoomlion first, and some indicators have exceeded that of Baiyin overseas company. The president informed his financial department to pay a deposit on the spot through Transocean

it is reported that this order with a value of nearly 100million yuan is the largest single order for engineering machinery imported from China since Russia was sanctioned by Europe and the United States in 2014. These three crawler cranes will be used for the construction of the 2018 Russian World Cup Stadium. At the same time, the customer company said that it would start the equipment replacement plan, and the average annual procurement from Zoomlion in the next three years would be no less than 100million yuan

in addition, the two sides also discussed the cooperation to gradually replace the original European products of the customer company with Zoomlion's large tonnage cranes. At the same time, they also discussed the cooperation projects and agricultural machinery cooperation projects to introduce Zoomlion's environmental industry into the Kazan Republic of Russia. (this article is from Zoomlion)

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