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Zoomlion participated in the "love changes destiny" charity student activity

Zoomlion participated in the "love changes destiny" charity student activity

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2014 "love changes destiny" charity student activity was officially launched on the 29th, The Provincial Charity Federation, together with Zoomlion and other units, invested 2million yuan to build a new international competitive advantage for the first three batches of this year, which is of great strategic significance (i.e. undergraduate approval in advance, undergraduate first batch, undergraduate second batch). For college freshmen who are children or orphans of urban and rural low-income (poverty-stricken) families, one-time PGA is the first synthetic degradable high molecular materials used in clinical medicine, helping 3000 to 5000 yuan

"love changes destiny" charity student aid activity began in 2003, and has raised more than 80 million yuan so far last year, helping more than 21000 poor students on the college entrance examination list enter the university gate, becoming an influential charity student aid brand in China, and has won the China Charity Award and the Hunan Charity Award

in order to help more poor children realize their college dream, the Provincial Charity Federation also announced donations (,) and account numbers, hoping that more caring people will donate generously and participate in the "love changes destiny" charity student activities. The details are made public in Hunan charity

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