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Summary of the national digital ink jet printing industry and relevant policies in 2020 release date: Source: China Academy of Commerce

digital ink jet printing technology integrates high and new technologies such as computer, mechatronics, precision machinery manufacturing and fine chemical industry. It mainly uses the digital principle and spray technology to input various digital patterns produced and processed by digital means into the electronic computer for processing, The rip (raster image processor) control system controls the nozzle to directly spray various special dyes or inks onto the substrate to form the required pattern

digital jet printing technology is an advanced and rapidly developing printing technology and large-scale printing technology. At present, it is widely used in textile printing, carpet manufacturing, advertising production and other industries. Among them, the textile printing industry has become the "highest point" for technical application due to its rich fabric categories, high requirements for color accuracy and large-scale printing accuracy. In recent years, the State Council, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology and other relevant departments have successively issued a series of policy documents to encourage and support industrial development, which has greatly promoted and standardized the healthy development of the industry

in the future, the digital printing industry will show the following development trends:

(1) the digital direct jet printing technology will reduce the product series of each set of molds from the scanner to the singlepass technology, and further improve the speed of digital jet printing.

the jet printing technology adopted by the scanner will transfer the target jet printing area to the nozzle area through the step-by-step feeding method and stop stably, Under the driving action of the guide belt, the printing system scans the surface of the substrate from left to right to complete the first printing of the pattern, and then moves from right to left to complete the second printing of the pattern; The conveyor continues to take the step-by-step feeding method to replace the target printing area, and repeat the above process

singlepass technology, the spray printing system is fixed on the beam of the spray printing equipment, and the conveyor adopts the continuous feeding method to continuously transfer the substrate through the spray printing area at a constant speed. The spray printing system completes the spray printing process of the target pattern. Compared with the scanner, the printing speed of the spray printing equipment using singlepass technology is faster, which has reached the speed of the traditional round printing process

(2) the downstream puts forward higher requirements for printing speed and accuracy, and the printing capacity of digital printing equipment is continuously improved.

the downstream puts forward higher requirements for printing speed and accuracy. In order to improve the printing capacity of digital printing equipment, the number of single nozzle is increasing. The increase in the number of nozzles sharply increases the difficulty of data processing and whole machine coordination control, and puts forward higher requirements for the design and development of control system, which is technically difficult. For the flat/round + combined machine, it is necessary to realize the seamless combination of traditional printing and digital printing on the same printing system under the state of high-speed printing, which puts forward higher requirements for the control system technology

(3) the application of precise digital overprinting technology further improves the three-dimensional effect of textile printing

precise digital overprinting technology refers to pre identifying the existing embroidery or jacquard pattern information on the substrate through video, overprinting the target pattern on the existing pattern of 82 asphalt composite tire flexible waterproof coiled material, so as to form the three-dimensional effect of printed products. Precise digital overprint technology requires that the spray printing equipment has the ability of machine vision and precise transmission system control, so as to achieve the three-dimensional effect of printing products without overlapping and blurring of spray printing

(4) intelligence and cloud collaboration are the latest development directions of digital inkjet printing equipment

under the background of the development of industrial intelligence, the main development direction of the equipment in the future is still to reduce human intervention and enhance the ability of automatic operation. As the demand for personalization in the digital printing market and the demand of end customers for shortening the delivery time are becoming increasingly prominent, the entire clothing and printing industry is developing towards zero inventory and customization. Therefore, the digital printing equipment is required to develop towards cloud collaboration on the basis of intelligence, and quickly integrate the digital printing process into the whole industry ecological chain of "design textile printing clothing making customer"

in recent three years, digital printing has maintained rapid development. With the improvement of equipment stability and printing efficiency and the decline of the use cost of ink and other consumables, the replacement of traditional printing methods by digital printing has gradually accelerated. In the digital printing equipment market, the technology of singlepass machine, flat/round + digital direct printing combination machine is further mature. This kind of ultra-high speed digital printing equipment has reached the level of traditional printing equipment in terms of printing speed. Combined with the characteristics of fine and rich color, high precision and fast delivery of digital printing, digital printing equipment can compete directly with traditional printing in the large-scale industrialized printing market. At the same time, with the further decline of the cost of printing consumables and accessories, digital printing has basically replaced the traditional printing method under Newton's gravity in the silk market; In the paper transfer market, because the production cost is close to the traditional printing method, the market reform is also coming. In the digital direct injection Market, the replacement of traditional printing methods by digital printing is also gradually accelerating. Relying on the mature domestic textile printing and dyeing and fabric processing market, some manufacturers have begun to use ultra-high speed equipment such as singlepass to replace traditional printing equipment, so as to meet the growing demand of garment manufacturers in the fast fashion field through faster delivery, more flexible version switching and more sophisticated colors. In the market model, in order to better promote products, digital printing equipment manufacturers began to provide more leasing services to the market, so that more customers can experience the digital printing method in advance; In 2020, affected by the COVID-19, customers' financial pressure will increase, and the market demand for digital inkjet printing equipment leasing is expected to increase

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