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Summary of investment and financing in hard science and technology last week (9.2


skyx announced that it had completed a round B financing of $9.5 million. The investor was almond tree enterprise. Up to now, the total financing amount of the company has reached $13.5 million.

skyx is a Canadian start-up company, founded in 2015, mainly developing industrial UAVs for energy facility pipeline inspection. In the future, the company will accelerate its expansion in the North American market, aiming to use UAV technology to obtain and distribute information Analyze and transfer important data


greyorange announced that it had completed the round C financing of 140million US dollars. The leading investor was Mithril capital, a venture capital institution established by famous American investors Peter Thiel and Ajay Royan. In addition, Binny Bansal, the co-founder of flipkart, also participated in this round of investment. Up to now, the total financing amount of the company has reached 170million US dollars

greyorange is a Singapore warehouse manufacturer, established in 2011. In addition to its headquarters in Singapore, it also has offices in India, Japan, Germany and the United States. At present, the company mainly has two products, namely "Bulter" which can move shelves in the warehouse and "sorter" which can pack goods in the warehouse

Zhongtian Anchi

Zhongtian Anchi completed nearly 100 million yuan of a+ round financing. Led by yunqi capital. Zhongtian Anchi's R & D team was established in 2013. It is committed to creating a leading conduit for artificial intelligence electrical installation at the driverless mobile terminal. Special requirements - Flexible self-healing insulating material conduit gb/t 14823.4 – 93 can provide the best intelligent products and solutions with the highest performance, experience the best, and use artificial intelligence and big data to reconstruct human and physical traffic

Lezhi robot

Lezhi robot has completed a strategic financing of RMB 15million, and the investor is Anhui Dezhong Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd

Lezhi robot was founded in December, 2013. It is a R & D education and training institution and intelligent hardware developer. It mainly provides steam education solutions for campus users and training institutions, and is committed to providing integrated services such as space construction + course content + teaching aids + teacher training


ai education programming company miaoxiaocheng recently completed a round of financing of nearly US $10 million, which was led and invested by the capital of Chuangshi partners and followed by Sanqi mutual entertainment. The financing will be mainly used for teacher training and curriculum research and development

miaoxicheng provides small class programming courses based on scratch, Python and c++. The teaching system can be compatible with PC and pad. Their "evaluation and feedback system" is unique. It can track students' multi angle classroom data, evaluate students' participation and learning level, and optimize teacher training content again according to data feedback

bargain hunting

the intelligent centralized purchase platform bargain hunting announced that it had obtained nearly 100 million yuan of a+ round of financing. The investor was illuma capital. This round of financing will be mainly used to expand the market

Xu Yi, the founder of

bargain shopping, said that the current algorithm can already meet the basic needs of small convenience stores. When SKU continues to increase, the requirements for algorithms will become higher and higher, and more algorithm talents need to be introduced. A large part of the billion yuan investment of illuma capital will be applied to the introduction of technical talents to enable the optimization of algorithms

Miaotou technology

recently, Miaotou technology, an AI image processing platform, announced that it had obtained a ten million pre-A round of financing from Baidu venture capital

Miaotou technology has AI technologies and solutions for the pain points of the animation industry, such as intelligent coloring, line draft optimization, super division noise reduction, intelligent frame filling, etc. based on the characteristics of AI technology in algorithm and big data, Miaotou technology combines artificial intelligence image processing technology with the animation industry to improve the artist's creative efficiency and save time and cost


the autonomous driving startup wavesense recently obtained a seed round financing of $3million. The investors include Rhapsody venture partners, vas ventures, Nomo ventures and other famous venture capital companies

wavesense comes from Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of technology. The GPR system developed by Borat and others can emit ultra-high frequency electromagnetic pulses and can detect the depth of 10 feet underground. These electromagnetic waves will reflect when they encounter other underground features such as water pipes, tree roots, rocks and soil. With this technology, wavesense can input these underground objects into a three-dimensional GPS underground database. Its on-board computer will run a complex algorithm, which can constantly update its position as the vehicle moves


Yima, an intelligent translation platform, announced that it had completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, which was led by Baidu and followed by Xinyi technology. Yima said that this round of financing will be mainly used for team building and product update iteration

Yima is an auxiliary translation platform specially designed for small and medium-sized translation companies, translation teams and part-time translators. Relying on artificial intelligence technology, Yima effectively combines translation, corpus management, team management, project management, collaborative translation and other functions to provide enterprises with intelligent translation production tools and high-quality translator resources to help enterprises improve production efficiency, reduce production costs and enhance translation capacity

Laifu harmonic

the harmonic manufacturer Laifu harmonic has completed a round B financing of 60million yuan. This round of financing is led by Shanghai Jinpu and followed by northern lights. This round of financing will be mainly used to expand production capacity and R & D of harmonic electromechanical integration products

reducer is one of the three core components of the, which is widely used in the field of industrial automation. The average price of Laifu harmonic products can be as low as about 2000 yuan, which is far lower than that of HD, Xinbao and other harmonic reducers, and has been widely used in the domestic automation industry. In 2018, Laifu harmonic production capacity will exceed 50000 sets, which is expected to exceed 80000 sets

last week, there were 30 investment and financing events in hard science and technology, and 18 financing events in artificial intelligence, accounting for 61%; There were 7 financing events in the field of biomedicine, accounting for 23%; Two financing events occurred in the blockchain, accounting for 7%; One financing event occurred in IOT, aerospace and 3R (vr/ar/mr), accounting for 3% respectively

it is worth noting that there were many related financing cases last week. Most of the UAVs of these enterprises are used in the industry level market, including rescue, agriculture and so on. In addition, guruling, who focuses on VR education, also received investment from Doug capital last week. In the field of k12 education, tutorials combined with AI, VR and other new technologies are very popular in the market. Finally, there was another financing rumor about ofo last week. We didn't put it into the table because it was not finalized. However, the financing puzzle about ofo has become a hot topic of current concern, and we will continue to follow up in the future

artificial intelligence

clinbrian, a domestic medical big data company, announced that it had completed the round a financing of 68million yuan in the first half of the year. This round of investment was jointly led by Zhenghai capital and Ruijian capital, and followed by Jingyi shares, Guangrun capital and Chinese capital

kelinbrui focuses on the medical big data business and realizes the governance and utilization of medical big data for users. Its products include clinical data center (CDR), operational data center (ODR), scientific research data center (RDR) and hospital information integration platform HSB


pagaya completed a round B financing of US $14million, which was jointly led by venture capital fund oak hc/ft and Harvey Golub, former chairman and CEO of American Express. Digital ventures under Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) also participated in this round of financing

pagaya mainly uses machine learning algorithm and big data analysis to improve the fixed income of traditional capital management. The platform proprietary algorithm evaluates the risks in different financial instruments through massive data analysis, identifies emerging alternative asset classes, and greatly improves the return on investment of institutional investors

grin scooters

since 2012, grin scooters, a start-up company of shared electric scooters headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico, has announced that it has completed a seed round financing of US $20million. The investors include DCM events, Trinity events, SV angel and Shasta events. Up to now, the total financing amount of the company has reached US $27million

the scooters provided by grin scooters do not need a parking rack, which means that cyclists can leave them anywhere. Passengers can find the scooters that support GPS on the application, and then read the QR code to unlock them


Tempus, a medical technology start-up in Chicago, USA, announced that it had completed a US $110million e-round financing, with investors including we price, Baillie Gifford, revolution growth and NEA

tempus has created a data channel for collecting and analyzing massive data, and also developed a pipeline dynamics software application to assist clinical decision support and academic research

droni tech

droni tech, an artificial intelligence UAV hardware manufacturing company, announced that it had completed a seed round financing of US $1million. The investors were Eagle Group and a group of angel investors

the company currently provides four kinds of UAV hardware products based on artificial intelligence, which can be used for monitoring services in agriculture, medical first aid, food, supply chain and other industries


auterion completed a seed round financing of 10million US dollars. The investors include lakestar, mosaic events, costanoa events and tectonic events

auterion is an open source UAV software start-up, which provides a UAV operating system based on popular Px4 open source software. It is reported that this round of financing will be used to work closely with a wider Px4 community to further open source code. At present, it has cooperated closely with many organizations maintaining open source UAV software, including 3D robotics, airmap, Intel, NXP, Sony, etc


tresorit completed a round B financing of 11.5 million euros, led by 3ts capital partners, a European growth capital investor. Tresorit is a Swiss Hungarian company that mainly provides end-to-end encrypted "file synchronization and sharing" services for enterprises. Applied in the enterprise cloud storage and collaboration market, the company provides the zero knowledge encryption technology and unique encryption secret key management it describes. What is important is that the company can provide enterprises with the same pre-set internal security. Currently, it serves more than 17000 customers

Hongliang research

Hongliang research announced that it had obtained a++ round of financing, led by the Bohai Xingwang, L.P. fund managed by the subsidiary investment institution of BOC International, and followed by the existing shareholder Alibaba Hong Kong entrepreneur fund

Hongliang research is a financial technology company under the innovation incubation project of Hong Kong University of science and technology. The aqumon intelligent investment engine developed by Hongliang research strives to seize the wave of automated investment in wealth management and asset management by combining finance, algorithm and technology, combining domestic and overseas financial institutions and combining individual customer business. We are committed to achieving a transparent, stable, real-time and low-cost revolutionary wealth management experience under the premise of compliance through the No. 1 (securities trading), No. 4 (providing advice on securities) licenses of the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission and the registered investment adviser (RIA) licenses of the US Securities Regulatory Commission

3r (vr/ar/mr)


vr education company geruling obtained tens of millions of yuan of a+ round financing, and the investor was Doug capital. This round of funds is mainly used to continue to optimize the main products and research and development of new products

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