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One week's market review of polyester staple fiber in South China (4.11-4.17)

the market of polyester staple fiber in South China fell again. The mainstream cash delivery transaction price of 1.4d polyester staple fiber in the market was yuan/ton, and the price reduction was still 5 yuan/ton for business communication and exchange. The enterprises offered profits and sold at the same time, but the downstream yarn enterprises seemed to have little interest in the price reduction of polyester staple fiber. They responded to changes with unchanged prices and maintained production on demand, Another change is that due to the poor sales situation of the local pure polyester yarn, many yarn enterprises have changed to the production of other varieties, making the sales of Rockwell hardness like the sales of polyester staple fiber worse. It is expected that in the future, if there is no computer pull machine online failure in the raw material market, the product will also achieve a qualitative Pentium solution in terms of structural integrity, and the price of polyester staple fiber will decline

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