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Solid wood furniture customization service consulting (qq296290156; Tel 15618392878)

what is home? A thousand people have a thousand answers; There are 1000 ideal lifestyles in the hearts of 1000 people; The feeling of home, only comfortable can give you a sense of belonging; Only the quality of environmental protection can give you a sense of security; The so-called comfort, only suitable for their own needs is the right way; The so-called environmental protection, only confidence brand building is the best policy; Thousands of people, thousands of faces, personality needs, only customization can meet; Youdao provides you with customized furniture solutions for the whole house

Youdao whole house furniture customization, Youdao overall wardrobe customization, using world-leading technology and equipment, international trends, simple design style, precise process manufacturing, to provide owners with wardrobe, bookcase, kitchen cabinet and other whole house furniture customization services. As a free digital design service provider, DIY furniture customization product manufacturer, industrial design demonstration enterprise, ISO900 international environmental protection certification enterprise, it is its own responsibility to promote and popularize European and American home life in China. Tailor made boutique integrated wardrobe and bedroom for you. Youdao overall wardrobe is selling well all over the country

◆ Youdao's concept: order furniture first, then decorate, issue the furniture layout map of the whole house first, and then according to the furniture placement position, the three-dimensional panorama of the whole house, and the map will be produced within a few hours ◆

◆ Youdao's four advantages: the size and color can be arbitrarily selected, the customized budget can be high or low, the delivery is fast and free, and the installation is fast and environmentally friendly ◆ Youdao's five free: free door-to-door measuring ruler, free three-dimensional rendering, free door-to-door delivery, free door-to-door installation, Lifelong free door-to-door maintenance ◆ 6 reasons to choose Youdao: excellent quality, classic design, 0-risk shopping, mass customization, wholehearted service, different ◆


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