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In order to pay attention to vulnerable groups and family sub-health problems, we advocate using love to run a family. On June 7, europay's "love family plan" joined hands with several Guangdong public welfare groups to start the parent-child public welfare activity of "walk for love, walk with love - love family summer camp"

in order to pay attention to vulnerable groups and family sub-health problems, we advocate using love to run a family. On June 7, europay's "love family plan" joined hands with public welfare groups such as the Guangdong Charity Association for orphans and students promotion and the social welfare education foundation "one kilogram box" to start the parent-child public welfare activity of "walking for love, walking with love - love family summer camp"

feeling rural life and cherishing the existing environment

the activity of re taking the road to school in the love family summer camp is not only the most expected part of the children, but also the part of experiencing hardships and challenging their endurance. Walking in the wild on the mountain road in Guangning, the rugged mountain road for nearly an hour made many children in the city "cry bitterly". Usually, urban children who are used to walking on urban roads and walking by bus and subway are the first to feel the naked baking of the land. For the first time, they know that it is not easy to go to school. A father from Liwan District talked about the purpose of bringing his children: "they are still young and don't understand the difficulties of life. Take them out for a walk, experience the life in the countryside, and let them know to cherish the existing living conditions."

the organizer of Aijia summer camp expressed the hope that through this activity, children from cities can feel the rural life, have a deeper experience of the difficulties of life and school, and thus cherish the existing growth and learning environment. How far is the distance between the city and the countryside, and how far is the distance from home to school? I believe every child and parent who has walked this way to school will have an answer in their hearts

activities to shorten the distance

"looking for scenery, finding ways and jumping houses" are all game programs in the process of arduous hiking. Urban children are mixed with rural children, and adults and children "tell each other what to do", laughing and fighting all the way, and soaking in clothes and sweat, all of which form precious memories of friends, big and small, in this activity. In the game, in order to complete the task as soon as possible, the children use their brains, divide their work and cooperate, and command the adults present when necessary. In the "jump house" link, parents also actively participated. The children were amused by the clumsy and funny limbs of adults. One of the children said, "Dad is stupid. Usually he is lazy and can't jump steadily. I'll tell Grandma when I go back...". Through these games, parents who are busy on weekdays have the opportunity to have close contact with their children, which is also the best witness that this summer camp hopes to enhance the role of parent-child emotional bridge

after the hike, the organizer specially prepared a love village meal for everyone. The children in the city sat around with the children of Lindong primary school. A few simple dishes, a simple farmhouse meal, and a cool mountain breeze made this beautiful village more warm and happy

love piggy bank donated their love

on the same day, children from Guangzhou donated their love to Lindong primary school with their "love piggy bank". Love piggy bank is one of the series activities of europay's "love family plan". Participants can get a love piggy bank at europay's store. Children can save some pocket money appropriately in their daily life for practical public welfare donations. Europay's "love family plan" hopes to use this activity to advocate the concept of cultivating children's love from childhood, so that children can experience the persistence and significance of doing public welfare. Through this kind of love of a small family, it can converge into a "great love" that contributes to the society, and realize the transparency of donation through physical public welfare donations

there is no difference in public welfare. In order to provide the children of Lindong primary school with a better learning environment, on the day of the event, Ou Pai also donated a certain amount of money to the school for the maintenance of school buildings, and the urban children also gathered carefully prepared small gifts and handed them to the rural children

"I've always wanted to buy a set of Spider-Man toys, but my mother said that the money saved could help the children in the mountains, so I didn't buy it." I had a good time this time. I hope the love money can help these children, and I want my parents to bring me here when I have a chance, "said several children from the city

"one kilogram box" public welfare class

as the Aijia summer camp advocating the concept of public welfare, this time, the "one kilogram box" public welfare class was specially planned, and "fun" textbook products were used to carry out children's fellowship and course sharing activities. When these boxes were opened one by one, the colorful props and textbooks in them attracted the loud exclamation of more than 50 children present. Whether it was the left behind children in mountain villages with extremely poor educational facilities, or the urban children who lived a carefree life, they were instantly attracted by their colorful. It is reported that the "one kilogram box" is an educational product developed by Aiju public welfare innovation organization, which can realize "one-stop" teaching through the teaching cards, curriculum design packages and teaching materials in the box

happiness conveys positive energy

"we belong to remote rural areas, and this is the first time to have public welfare interaction with urban people. The children were a little shy at first, but soon became one, because they had never seen such a rich and interesting thing before. They were very happy to see everyone carry the box out of the car and open it." Principal Cheng of Lindong primary school said with a smile

"the children are very excited, and they are also very cooperative in class. They can feel that they like this kind of education very much in their hearts, especially the children in the mountain village. Their eyes are full of novelty and excitement. In the end, everyone is crazy, and they also rush to show the finished products. Various ideas emerge in endlessly, very happy, very happy" participate in the "one kilogram box" "The training teacher said.

20 families from Guangzhou and teachers and students of Lindong primary school had a loving interaction in this activity. This activity is not only to allow busy urban parents to have close contact with their children on weekdays, but also to realize the sublimation from" small home "to" everyone "and from" small love "to" big love "through public welfare visits. Although the activity has ended, the public welfare continues. In August, europay's "love family plan" will also launch a free lunch school visit activity, and we look forward to you joining the public welfare




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