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As the new year approaches, do you want to have a good rest after working all day and going home, but after lying in bed, you are often disturbed by all kinds of noise pollution, making you sleepless

therefore, for home decoration, it is necessary to choose sound proof doors and windows to isolate noise as much as possible. Modern homes generally use wooden doors, which also have a certain sound insulation effect. Today, XuSong wooden door will talk to you about wooden doors and sound insulation

sound insulation of wooden doors two or three things

? Door core material

the sound insulation effect is determined by the material and process of the door, among which the door core material is the most important. Common door core materials include solid wood, solid wood composite board, bridge dynamics board, etc

solid wood, from natural logs, has the best texture, beautiful patterns, high environmental protection performance, thick and compact material structure, the best sound insulation effect, but the price is expensive

solid wood composite board is made by interlacing different kinds of boards. After overall treatment, the appearance and sound insulation effect of high-quality solid wood composite door are almost the same as that of solid wood door. It is economical, but the products on the market are diverse and difficult to distinguish

bridge hole mechanics board, based on the principle of arch bridge hole and through high-tech processing, makes solid wood chips into a unique tubular structure. It can evenly disperse external forces to ensure no deformation, and can effectively prevent the diffusion of temperature to achieve good thermal insulation effect

? Wooden door accessories

in addition, wooden door accessories will also affect the sound insulation effect of wooden doors

first of all, the door is embedded in the door frame, which involves the problem of door seams. If you want better sound insulation effect, you need to pay attention to the details and dimensions of the door and door pocket. Make the installation gap as small as possible, and cover and seal the gap of the door

secondly, pay attention to the hardware accessories of the door. The lock should be silent lock as far as possible, and the hinge should rotate flexibly. Otherwise, it will be annoying when you open and close the door frequently

XuSong wooden door recommends that you make a comprehensive selection according to the budget and needs

XuSong wooden door, the third generation of magnetic absorption silent door, selects high-quality materials, and the thickness of the door leaf is 3mm more than that of the traditional door, reaching a high silent body with a door thickness of 45mm; Sound insulation effect is better

45 ° oblique angle magnetic absorption design + embedded sealant strip, close fitting and blocking noise

XuSong wooden door, the third generation of magnetic suction mute door, in addition to its super mute ability, has a high appearance that makes people fall in love at first sight, making the home both quiet and fashionable

XuSong wooden door, the third generation of magnetic suction mute door, protects your privacy, blocks noise, helps you set your home into a "silent" mode, and improves your quality of life

after reading the above guide, you must have a basic understanding of silent wooden doors. If you have this demand, come to XuSong wooden door to buy wooden door products, which are made of real materials and have good sound insulation effect





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