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Nowadays, there are many types of cabinets in the market. When choosing cabinet products, more consumers will choose customized cabinets or integrated cabinets. So, is it better to buy integrated cabinets or customized cabinets? If you choose custom cabinets, what problems should you pay attention to? Next, Xiaobian will briefly introduce to you whether it is better to buy an integral cabinet or a customized cabinet and the precautions for customizing cabinets

first, it's better to buy an overall cabinet or a customized cabinet

1. Introduction

customized cabinets are divided into standard customization and non-standard customization. Standard customization is to customize the function of cabinets under the size specified by the factory to meet our daily living habits. Non standard customization mainly refers to the size customization of non factory standard modules, which pays more attention to the customization of appearance and highlights personality

the integral cabinet is also called the integrated cabinet, which is a cabinet combination that integrates the kitchen cabinets, electrical appliances and other functions. It is a cabinet product that carries out overall design and construction according to the area and demand of the kitchen in the owner's home

2. Security

customized cabinets cannot have sufficient security protection, because its security performance mainly comes from designers and manufacturers, mainly depending on whether they are professional

the overall cabinet is designed and constructed by professionals. It perfectly combines the water, fire and electricity of the kitchen, and eliminates all kinds of potential safety hazards

3. Price

the price of customized cabinets has great variability, which mainly depends on the materials used in the cabinets

the price of the whole cabinet is expensive. Choosing the whole cabinet also includes its matching range hood and other electrical appliances

4. Design

generally, customized cabinets are mainly designed for the storage function of the kitchen

the functional design of the overall cabinet is more comprehensive and detailed, such as the use of various functional accessories, how to effectively use space, etc

II. Precautions for customized cabinets

1. There are harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene in customized cabinets. Customized cabinets need to deal with panels, cabinet boards, viscose, etc. to ensure that the harmful substances contained in cabinets do not exceed the standard

2. When accepting customized cabinets, it is necessary to carefully check the surface of the cabinets to avoid burrs, sharp corners and other defects, because these are easy to cause damage to children, and may also cause accidental eating of debris

3. When customizing the cabinet, we should also consider its water and electrical safety, such as the treatment of the overflow of the sink, the leakage protection of electrical appliances and wires, which are related to the design and installation of the cabinet and need to be taken into account when designing and installing the cabinet

Xiaobian's summary: This is the Xiaobian's introduction to the matters needing attention about whether to buy an overall cabinet or a customized cabinet. I hope that after reading this article, I can provide you with reference and help





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