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[] Maybe you have just bought a new house and are preparing home decoration; Maybe you want to change your old house, but anyway, everyone's wish is to decorate their home beautifully. But as an ordinary consumer, do you know what should be paid attention to in spring decoration? Today, the reporter interviewed manager Xiong of qianshuyihe home decoration company in Changsha, Hunan Province. Manager Xiong gave several suggestions and views on spring decoration:

first, choose ceramics skillfully and pay attention to waterproof

there are a wide variety of ceramic wall and floor tiles, and pay attention to their moisture content when purchasing in spring. The products with smooth and delicate surface, shiny surface, glittering and translucent luster, matte surface and soft hand feel are products with relatively good water content. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the difference between Italian pottery and porcelain. Ceramic bricks have small water absorption, fine structure, crisp and pleasant knocking sound, while ceramic bricks have high water absorption, many structural holes, and dull and muddy knocking sound. Porcelain tiles with low water absorption are not easy to crack under the change of temperature difference between day and night in spring jiazong6 Com

the large temperature difference between day and night in spring also makes waterproofing particularly important, so the waterproof steps of decoration can not be ignored at this time. The ground had better be waterproof first, so as to avoid leakage caused by uneven thickness of waterproof coating. The joints shall be filled in place with paint and cement brush, and the materials shall be uniform. Remember to make a waterproof coating about 30 cm high on the ground and wall near the water pipe to prevent water from penetrating the wall

II. There is stress in the selection of wood flooring

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the wooden floor with layered texture is now the first choice of decoration for consumers. When choosing wood flooring for spring decoration, attention should be paid to the moisture content of wood, especially solid wood flooring. Generally, the moisture content should be about 11%. If the moisture content is high, the floor will be warped and deformed after moisture dissipation. Most manufacturers with large production scale have corresponding production, measurement and transportation guarantee systems. When transporting materials, try to choose a sunny day. If it is rainy, protect it with plastic film. If the material is already damp, it should not be used again. Do not use it after drying. In the purchase of blockboard, we should choose the board with few seams, tight butt joints, basically the same color of the board, no cracks, no insect holes, no burrs. The decorative panel shall have clear and smooth texture and no scar on the surface. For the commonly used large core board decoration process, the requirements are very high, especially in wet spring, there is a need for sufficient space to allow sufficient time for adaptive natural drying of wood, and strict drying process control through the drying kiln

III. be alert to stay away from hidden killers jiazong6 Com

spring is warm and humid, and indoor air is not easy to circulate. At this time, many hidden killers brought by decoration will sneak out. Most decorative coatings in decoration will release various volatile organic compounds, which are very harmful to human health. Therefore, they should be given a certain exhaust period after decoration, and stay for a period of time before moving in

there are also many unhealthy materials in furniture and cabinets. Most furniture and cabinets are made of plywood and high-density board. The urea formaldehyde glue coating contained in such materials will release carcinogenic formaldehyde. To obtain non-toxic furniture and cabinets, it is best to use the texture of whole wood. Wooden furniture made by traditional methods had better be placed for a period of time, which is conducive to the volatilization of volatile substances. Compared with formaldehyde, volatile substances in the paint are lost relatively quickly, so choosing stainless steel cabinets is also a good choice. And Hunan Changsha qianshuyihe home decoration company adopts the way of bamboo charcoal environmental protection. Manager Xiong said that this kind of bamboo charcoal environmental protection is now slowly accepted by the public, and is more used in home decoration, making consumers more comfortable and healthier, which is also a trend

IV. small details cannot be missed jiazong6 Com

manager Xiong finally stressed that in addition to the above aspects, there are many small details that should be paid attention to in spring construction. For example, when choosing materials, when buying latex paint and adhesives, we must choose elastic ones to avoid the autumn wind rising and the corner line being dried and broken; When laying the wooden floor, first do the waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, use pearl cotton or filter to make the bottom, and then ask the floor to leave expansion joints during installation, so that the floor will not be warped, nor will it be black and moldy due to moisture. It is hot in spring, and the paint dries slowly after painting. After the paint absorbs the moisture in the air, it will produce a layer of fog. You can consider using drying agent to make the paint dry faster. Another point is very important. If you choose to decorate your new house in spring, you must first listen to the decorator's plan on waterproof and moisture-proof, and remember to sign a one-year warranty contract with the decorator, so that you can negotiate with the decorator about the decoration problems exposed due to seasonal changes. [Changsha Qianshu decoration company 0731-82681590]





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