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"Newrose" is the latest product developed by siebrooke wallpaper design in the United States. It is no exaggeration to describe it with the word "resplendence", because its design inspiration comes from the famous Vienna Golden Hall in Austria

"newrose" is the latest product developed by American siebrooke wallpaper design. It is no exaggeration to use the word "resplendent" to describe it, because its design inspiration comes from the famous Vienna Golden Hall in Austria

after entering the golden hall, I fell into a golden ocean, with golden ceilings, golden walls, golden reliefs, golden doors and windows, golden railings, golden stages, and golden lights shining everywhere under the huge chandeliers. Only here can we realize the true meaning of "resplendence"

the golden hall is the fulcrum of Vienna's music life and the perennial performance venue of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Vienna New Year concert will be held here according to tradition. Every year, with the New Year Concert, the magnificent decoration and unparalleled sound effect of the hall will be displayed in front of audiences all over the world through TV broadcasting

its magnificent architectural style and gorgeous and bright sound effect make it worthy of the golden reputation. Newrose was created by absorbing its golden and musical elements

the flower pattern of "newrose" is mainly composed of musical elements, and the combination of black and gold colors is like a variant piano keyboard; Texture staff woven regularly; The radioactive bloom is like a shining light; The neatly arranged round, square and vertical organ are displayed here one by one

the color of "newrose" changes around gold, including the color of metal stones, the color of sunlight, and even the color reflected on the petals

the whole version is very suitable for creating a modern style. A piano, some glass and metal furniture, abstract art decorations, and crystal chandeliers are also essential in the broad living room, which can create a good modern home environment

"newrose" has been officially released. If you want to create a magnificent home effect, go to various specialty stores to buy it~




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